Nakshatra - 3 - introduction of 9 planets

Introduction to Planets       *STAR*... *STAR*... *ASTRO STAR*






As how our lives are influenced by many factors such as relationships, status, leanings, knowledge, partnerships, richness, poorness, success, love, fame, gain, loss, beauty likewise there are umpteen number of things play their roles in our life.

So to study or decipher the same from astrology there must be some parameters to play with, such as primarily the planets they are the actual and most tangible things of astrology. The whole astrology talks about these planets only. In actual there are more than 9 planets but we would consider only primary 9 planets in this early stage of learning. They are as follows and please find their ranks or positions in the court of Planets.

Their‘s order can be taken from the below sloka

Aadithyayacha Somaya Mangalaya Bhudhayacha Guru Shukra Shanibyescha Rahave Ketavenamaha

Sloka reference Veda

The order of planets and their introduction as below :

  The Sun – The King – Represents Father, Power, Status, Royalty etc… Considered as the malefic in general

  The Moon – The Queen – Represents Mother, Mind, Feminine qualities, beauty etc... Considered as a beneficial in general

  The Mars – The Army Chief – Represents War, Anger, Earth and strength etc…

  The Mercury – The Prince – Represents Intelligence, alertness, duality, Mathematics etc…

  The Jupiter – The Priest of Gods or The Minister – Represents expansion, divine Blessings, Protection, Knowledge, success, Teachers, Priests etc... Considered as a most beneficial in general

  The Venus – The Priest of Demons or the Minister – Represents Love, spouse, Beauty, Attraction, Luxury, Comforts, Romance etc… Considered as a most beneficial in general

  The Saturn – The Servant – Represents Low class, Delays, dullness, disappointments, hard work, Long run, Life span etc… Considered as the malefic in general

  The Dragon’s Head or Rahu – Dark side of the world – Underworld, Fiery, sudden changes, unconventional, Short cuts, Ruthless etc… … Considered as a malefic in general

  The Dragon’s Tail or Ketu – Invisible/Mystical Part of the world – Quick, temperament , arrogance , Headless attitude , Modern Technologies, Past life connections, Spiritual etc… … Considered as a malefic in general


  With the basic introduction of 9 planets as above, let us jump in to stars and their meanings in the coming articles. 

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