Care and Precaution Rudraksha

care for rudraksha

How to care and take precaution for rudraksha

Clean your mala / beads when you feel they need cleaning

Care and precaution Rudraksha

Clean your mala / beads when you feel they need cleaning after regular usage. Dip in warm water. Add some liquid soap. Hold for at least 24 hours and then brush with a plastic brush to clean dirt and grime that fixes in the pores of the beads. Then wash with running water and allow the balls to dry for several hours, and then apply some oil on the balls with the help of a brush. Sandalwood oil is best mixed with light olive oil. Oiling can be repeated every few weeks or when the bullets seem to dry as oiling makes pearls strong.

If rudraksha is worn for swimming, it is recommended to keep them away from the soap because it penetrates the bead pores and make them dehydrated. Regular washing with water is good for pearls. If not worn during bath, the beads can be washed in normal clean water, during prayers.

More on Care and precuation Rudraksha

Rudraksha beads may be worn at all times. According to our authentic texts, there are no do's and don'ts of wearing these pearls. The beads are sacred and need to maintain their purity and energy by treating them with respect and care. Regularly wash them, oil them and mantras sing with them. Wear grind inside the dress and not contact with hands and fingers. When you take Mala outside thinking in a bag or a plate in your altar. You can grind at night and hold a plate in your altar and wear again the morning after bathing and prayers. The rest of the day there is no reason to take of the mill.Care and Precaution Rudraksha should be taken to keep the beads powerful for long time. Also to make it energetic enough for the purpose.

By Rashmita Nayak

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