Gemstone for Jupiter - Yellow Sapphire


gemstone for Jupiter

Gemstone for Jupiter - The Yellow Sapphire

          Jupiter is also known as Brihaspati in Sanskrit. He is a huge person or virat purusha. He is a teacher and he is also very huge. So he is called BrihaSpati. In different Purana, the birth details and the properties and characteristics of Brihaspati is described. Brihaspati samhita, Skanda Purana, rig Veda etc describe many details about Brihaspati.

    Jupiter is satwik in nature. He is very beneficial planet. It brings prosperity to the house it is associated with if favorable. He gives name, fame, success and good relationship. In astrology, Brihaspati rules over spiritualism, wealth, philosophy and religious matters.

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    The color that Jupiter is Yellow. He also likes yellow color. Thursday is Jupiter day. He stays in north east direction and also rules that direction. He illuminates self. He looks good and has a belly.

    Jupiter falls in Capricorn and gets exalted in cancer. Pisces and Sagittarius are Jupiter's favorable positions. Jupiter rules over relationship and determines the marriage and the relationships there after. Many body parts are rules with Jupiter like liver, blood circulation, arteries etc.

   If Jupiter is malefic, then diseases of swelling, catarrh, arthritis, jaundice etc may occur.

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The gemstone for Jupiter

          Yellow sapphire is the chosen gem stone for Jupiter. By wearing this gemstone one can ease the bad effect of Jupiter and also enhances the good benefits that he can get from him. Yellow color ( light yellow colored ) Yellow sapphire is the most chosen one for getting all the benefits from Jupiter. Jupiter gives Dharma, artha, moksha and Kama. He is able to fulfill everything for a person. Wear good yellow sapphire on Thursday along with his prayers and Mantra japam or chanting to get all benefits from him. Below read more on yellow sapphire and the way or wearing and identifying the right one.

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