How to wear Yellow Sapphire - Worshipping

wearing rules

wearing rules

Wearing Yellow Sapphire

          The wearing of the Jupiter stone not only involves wearing on auspicious day, but it also involves buying it on proper day. We need to take care of the following bullet points before wearing or worshiping yellow sapphire.

  1. Buying it on proper day.
  2. Choosing right yellow sapphire stone.
  3. Giving it to jeweler for making the ring on proper day.
  4. Cleaning before worshiping.
  5. Worshiping and wearing.

Buying yellow sapphire on proper day

          Choose Thursday to visit the proper gem stone shop. Most preferably visit the shop in the morning time. See that the day comes in sukla paksha. ( Ascending moon period ). If possible see that the time does not come in rahu kala timings. If possible to see the Nakshatra then try to choose the day when it is Pushya nakshatra or punarvashu or vishakha or purva bhadrapada nakshatra.

Choosing and Selecting yellow sapphire

          Choosing right weight for the yellow sapphire stone is required. Choose the weight anything that is suggested or recommended except those of weight 6 or 11 or 15 rati. Five or seven or eight ratis are more selected these days because of the right weight for the ring and also the size is more suited.

Giving it to Jeweler for making

          Try to select the gemstone in the morning of the selected day and give it to the Jeweler for making on the same day. Tell the jeweler to make the ring in gold preferably. Instruct the jeweler to make all the work for the gemstone on that day only. Make the ring to fit to first finger preferably. Otherwise choose the ring finger for making the ring and wearing it on.

Cleaning before worshiping

          Bring pure cow milk and keep it in a small container. Keep the gem stone ring inside the milk for an hour. Remove the ring from milk and then wash it with water preferably holy water like Ganga Jal.

Worshiping and wearing

          Arrange all puja items like offerings, incense, sandalwood, holy water etc. Keep one yellow colored cloth on offering plate. Keep the ring on the cloth. Also if possible keep one Jupiter Yantra. If Jupiter yantra is not possible, then use your previously worshiping idol as Jupiter. Do possible puja and offering both to the ring and to the god. Then do japam or chanting of Jupiter Mantra for 108 times or multiples of 108 times. Offer water to sun if possible. Then wear the ring on the first finger or ring finger of your right hand.


yellow sapphire gemstone 

 By Rashmita Nayak