Classes of Yellow Sapphire - based on Color

Different colors of Yellow Sapphire

Classes of yellow Sapphire

Classes of Yellow Sapphire based on Color

     Jupiter represents the yellow sapphire stone. This gem stone is of corundum family. To gain the favor of Jupiter planet, this stone is worn. The wearing of this bead can be after analysis of the wearer's birth details or janam Kundali. This Jupiter stone has been classified based on different colors of the stone.

      The stone is found in four colors. 1. Golden color 2. Orange color 3. Yellow Color 4. Color less or transparent color. The color that comes to the stone is chemically resoned to iron within it. The yellow color stone with light yellow variety are more preferred ones.

  1. White color yellow sapphire
    • More useful for the knowledge purpose. So the learned people or the Brahmins should prefer it.
  2. Yellow color yellow Sapphire
    • Also looks like golen light yellow color. These are more preferred to be with the business class people or the Vaishya people.
  3. Orange color yellow Sapphire
    • Also looks like rose color with light color.  These are best for keeping the person agressive and energetic. More preferred for the Kshyatriya class of peopel.
  4. Other mix color variety
    • Sometimes we get light green colored. These are for the people who are under others as servants for giving the service. More suitable for the Shudra class of people.

     Currently there is no physical classification of the society. The classification of the people are based on the way they think towards their work and their best suited service for the society. The classifcation given above is only illustration purpose and for reference to the old hindu sastras.

    Choosing the proper yellow sapphire is most important. Read this article How to identify real yellow sapphire.


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