Yellow Sapphire (Pushparaga, pukhraj)

Yellow sapphire is also known as pushparaga (Sanskrit) and pukhraj (Hindi). Found in yellow, orange and golden color. For planet Jupiter favor wear flawless gemstone.
12,000.00 (INR)

Properties of the Gemstone

Price: 5000 - 30000 INR per carat.

Quality of Stone : Flawless stone. Natural and Government Laboratory Approved Gemstone.

Name of the Stone: Yellow sapphire, Pushparaga in Sanskrit, Pukhraj in Hindi Language.

Color of the Stone: Deep yellow color

Shape of the Stone: Oval and Cusion and Emeral shpaes Available.

Origin of the Stone : Ceylon

Dimensions of the Gem Stone: Varies with size.


Quality of the good Yellow Sapphire

Weight : Heaviness felt when placed on the palm.

Lusture : Rich lusture seen through.

Shape : Smooth feeling and Regular shape with pleasant appearance.

Color of the Stone: Deep yellow color

Color: Color uniformness should exist, No layers should be seen.

Size : Evenness in thickness.

Others : Transparency making it clean and pure.

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