Yellow Sapphire Real - Identification method

Yellow Sapphire

identify real yellow sapphire

Real Yellow Sapphire

Keep the gemstone on a white cloth. Keep it at a place where the sun light is there. Observe the light reflection and refraction that will be happening on the gemstone. You will find that light yellow color hue is found where the sun light is reflecting or refracting.

If the Gem stone is Synthetic then - Observe the surface coating. Generally the surface coating ( also known as the luster of the stone ) is very nice and bright which is compared to that on the glass ( compare to luster of the glass object surface ).

Much better way to test it - Rub the yellow sapphire against a test stone, the intense brightness of light or vividness of color is increased.

Compared to the pure and original yellow sapphire, others should be lower in weight. Also others should have less hardness.

Bring a cup of milk and keep the yellow sapphire gem stone in it. Leave it for at least a day. Remove the gem stone and now observe it. You should not find any color changes with the stone.

Generally the pure Yellow sapphire stone tends to be more cooler. Keep it on your temperature sensitive skin. You should find this stone more cooler compared to fake stone. The synthetic ones specially should give a heat feeling after a few seconds.


real yellow sapphire 

 By Rashmita Nayak