5 mukhi rudraksha

Calms down thought, Protects health, Brings peace. A general health tonic
44.99 (INR)

Importance of 5 mukhi rudraksha

 It is the most widely available rudraksha. Sins earned by forbidden acts are removed by wearing this bead. Sudden/uncertain death fear can be eliminated with the power of this. Meditating people need it for attaining all sadhanas. Very widely available rudraksha. Peace and fame comes with this bead.
It is used for water therapy where it's importance is felt by direct consumption. It protects from all type of diseases. Fear is warded off after wearing. Pancha face bead is owned by Rudra. Very powerful and auspicious bead to be worn. Awareness and memory power are multi folded.

Size: 18 mm - 22 mm


Diseases cured by 5 mukhi rudraksha

 Liver thighs vertebral column, cardiac problems are cured. Recommended in cases where the disease of Blood pressure, Breast ailments, Memory enhancer, acidity, fistula, inflammability exist. Wearer's important chakra are affected on wearing this.


Who should wear five mukhi rudraksha

5 mukhi rudraksha bead helps to bring good meditation. For removing fear. For BP


Astrological view of ek mukhi rudraksha

Malefic effect of Jupiter is minimized on wearing 5 mukhi rudraksha bead. What are effect of Jupiter ? Can cause utter poverty, lack of harmony. Also diseases caused by fat, kidney, thigh, ear, diabetes are caused.