8 Mukhi Rudraksha | About eight face rudraksha bead

About 8 mukhi rudraksha

About 8 mukhi rudraksha

Significance of 8 mukhi rudraksha

8 mukhi rudraksha represents the Lord Ganesha

Nepali 8 mukhi benefits

8 Mukhi rudraksha is Vinayak (Destroyer of obstruction). As the name symbolizes the destruction of obstacles and gives results in all ventures. The ruling planet Eight for rudraksha bead is Rahu and therefore used to reduce malefic effects of Rahu in the horoscope. On 8 Mukhi rudraksha bead is also represented by Lord Ganesha who is worshiped before all other gods. This bead remove obstacles in life and provide stability in mind. Wearing one eight Mukhi rudraksha is proposed to achieve the results expected for any new work. This rudraksha bead protects the person from the problems associated with litigation, accidents, misfortunes, miseries, obstacles and enemies.It also cures stomach ache, stress, skin diseases, anxiety etc.

Power of 8 mukhi rudraksha

This eight lined bead represents the Lord Ganesha. It gives the wearer freedom from the sin caused by telling a lie. It is helpful in sublimating the malefic the effects of Rahu which snakebite. Ideal for writers and intellectuals. Anyone looking for fame and leadership should wear 8 mukhi rudraksha. Is recommended for Lung, feet, skin and eyes.

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