Know how seven crystals boost your life

seven crystals to boost your life

By Diptimayee parida | bangalore August 9, 2017

We know the gemstones or crystals are used for healing the various problems of life. Every stone has unique healing properties. The top most seven crystals for better life are listed below in this article.

seven stones


  • 1-Rose quartz-It is one of the best stone to use for relationship troubles, emotional traumas, and other issues. It symbolizes love and harmony with its pink color. It also encourages you to forgive others and yourself and helping you to move on. It keeps atmosphere peaceful.
  • 2-Clear quartz-Any issues about physical, mental, emotional and soul level of human can be healed by clear quartz gemstone. It connects with the higher chakra, bringing divine connection to higher self, higher consciousness, higher wisdom and pure love. As it is known as the master healer, it is used for everything.
  • 3-Amethyst-It provides clarity when there is confusion in mind. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety, mood swings and immunity. As it has many qualities, it is known as “The All Purpose Stone.”These are available in light violet color. It resonates with crown chakra as well as Ajna chakra, opens up the divine consciousness and higher intuition.
  • 4-Black Tourmaline-It is known among the top protective stones. As it is resonates with muladhara chakra, it helps to ground and create shield against harmful electromagnetic fields. This will help remove any energetic blockages related to your wish, filling it up with positive energy.
  • 5-Citrine-As a weight loss stone, it is associated with Manipur chakra. For aura protection, wear it or keep always with you. It is helpful in removing financial blockages and attracts new opportunities. This golden yellowish crystal is beloved for its beauty and healing properties.
  • 6-Carnelian-This stone resonates with Svadhisthana chakra. It is helpful in alleviate addiction and harness your sensuality and creativity. This stones are available in light orange color to reddish brown color. It improves your confident.
  • 7-Aventurine-It is available in many colors such as green, red, yellow, blue and more. It optimizing your personal growth .As it represents the heart chakra, it attracts true love, friendship and lasting relationship. Use this to help with your allergies, sleep disorders, Immunity and to regulate blood pressure. Green aventurine is famous for bringing good fortune and new opportunities. It also clears the emotional issues.

So choose one crystal that resonate the most with you and use on your healing journey towards a happier life.


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