4 mukhi rudraksha bracelet

four mukhi rudraksha bracelet brings shinning intelligence, balanced mind, good speech power. Benefits of wearing four mukhi rudraksha bracelet are ...
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119.99 (INR)

Importance of 4 mukhi rudraksha bracelet

Four mukhi Rudraksha bracelet represents Lord brahma. Wearer of this bracelet a new and better role in life. This rudraksha bestows with intelligence and balanced mind. Power of speech is increased. This bracelet is suitable for all stages of life. Brings fame.
Very important: Children can use this bracelet for better concentration and memory.


Diseases cured by 4 mukhi rudraksha bracelet

This bracelet cures diseases related to mind, loss of memory, epilepsy. This bracelet controls nose diseases, gall bladder, paralysis. A crown of 550 beads of char mukhi rudraksha is used to control stress and mental disorder. Very useful for ENT problem, paralysis, sexual disease, memory loss, mental ailments, hand/arm/lung/thyroid diseases, gall bladder disease. Affects adrenal,heart.


Who should wear four mukhi rudraksha bracelet

For those who engage themselves in mental work (e.g. for students, teachers ). For getting concentration, success in studies, research work.


Astrological view

Removes malefic of Mercury/Jupiter.(Goddess Saraswati). Astrological Effect of Mercury - dullness of mind, lack of grasping / understanding power, difficulty in effective communication, logical / structural thinking.