For Children

Exam success necklace ( 10 years)

For success in exams, fearless and will power
1,000.00 (INR)

2 mukhi silver bracelet

Uniquely designed bracelet brings unity, calmness, better family life, good health for the wearer.
1,100.00 (INR)

3 mukhi Rudraksha bracelet

Quality teen mukhi rudraksha bracelet helps in solving all problems in life and brings in success.It controls stress and increases self confidence
459.99 (INR)

4 mukhi rudraksha bracelet

four mukhi rudraksha bracelet brings shinning intelligence, balanced mind, good speech power. Benefits of wearing four mukhi rudraksha bracelet are ...
250.00 (INR) 119.99 (INR)

5 mukhi Rudraksha bracelet

Mind remains calm and spiritual. Monitors blood pressure and cardiac ailments.
250.00 (INR) 101.99 (INR)

Enhanced Intelligence bracelet ( right hand) 4 mukhi

For Enhanced Creativity, Increasing memory, speech problems(above 12 years age)
989.99 (INR)

Enhanced Intelligence mala( neck wear) 4 mukhi

For Enhanced Creativity, Increasing memory, speech problems( above 12 years age)
989.99 (INR)

Health bracelet for children - 1

Very effective in curing repeated occurrences of fever in children, for better health to weak children
589.99 (INR)

Memory & intelligence & health mala( 12 years age)

For normal Health, Peace, Memory, Protection from diseases
589.99 (INR)

Rudraksha for Gyan and intelligence

For Creativity memory speech problems gyan and intelligence rudraksha to be worn.
74.99 (INR)

Rudraksha for Health and Energy

For cold,cough,fever, general health and digestion problems, laziness, weak in study.
449.99 (INR)

Rudraksha for Intelligence/Interest - 1

Rudraksha works wonderfully for children to enhance their intelligence and concentration. They feel more focused and positive towards study.
209.99 (INR)

Rudraksha for Intelligence/Interest - 2

Rudraksha works wonderfully for children to enhance their intelligence and concentration. They feel more focused and positive towards study.For intelligence and concentration to studies
269.99 (INR)

Rudraksha for life of success, energy

for fearlessness, to live a life of success, energy.
4,499.99 (INR)

Rudraksha for protection - 10 mukhi pendant

Helps in career direction, removes hurdles, makes fearless, protects from all negative energies.
4,299.99 (INR)

Rudraksha for Protection - 5 mukhi

For general Health, truthful , Peace, Memory, Protection from diseases
49.99 (INR)

Rudraksha for Success in Interviews/Exams

To succeed in Interviews, Exams, remove nervousness and dullness, fear of the exams
589.99 (INR)

Rudraksha for unity and harmony

keeps child calm and controls excessive emotional behavior, brings unity.
899.99 (INR)

Saraswati mala - Rudraksha

Saraswati mala brings knowledge health and will power to the wearer. This is most suitable combination for studies and concentration to students of all kind.
199.99 (INR)

Saraswati mala in Silver

Perfect mala for will power concentration and protection to the wearer. Best to be worn for all studies and memory purpose. Gives the best power for
1,000.00 (INR) 899.99 (INR)
We observed rudraksha effect on children. Rudraksha beads calm the child's mind, brings focus, protects & heals the children. Effect on children is visible withing few hours of wearing rudraksha. Here we list all rudraksha suitable for children, students, for exams, interviews. It helps in their interest, activeness, development. It controls and cures their aggressive nature. Keeps them fearless and active.