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Vedic astrology solution for timely marriage

Vedic solution for timely marriage

Search for a suitable dreamed life partner
Getting Married - Introduction
Getting married is a major difficulty in the Current era. Lot of pain, enormous search are resulted in vain in search for a suitable dreamed life partner. It is the major standing problem now a day’s both for boys and girls. A small piece of misunderstanding or miscommunication or misappropriations ends with a hope for getting married.
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An Analysis
So many aspiring grooms and brides cross the proper age in a hope for marriage and they are compulsorily making a delayed marriage. Unemployment is also a reason for a delayed marriage. Where we try to help people in getting employment through some of our excellence of Rudraksha centric solutions (Put a link for interview success and other). Even after accomplishing a good job for the livelihood the beauty of getting a suitable life partner get delayed due to unmatched hot favourite candidates of boys or girls. Even one tired off with before marital interviews to get tied. Our ancient Vedic astrology and many pundits have studied the elements of such disturbances and researched on the reason for delayed marriage to provide a suitable direction or a way or a visible horizon for a successful, peaceful and a harmonious marriage life. The married path followed through our guidance has many stories of happy couples to narrate.
Suggestions - Astrology
 But for the enlightens of your knowledge we will try to put some light on the various difficulties of marriage in the eye of Vedic science, astrology and palmistry as follows
1. In the birth chart the 7th house is known as the “couple maker” or “house of marriage” or the “bond maker”.
2. Venus plays an important role for a smooth and wonderful marriage.
3. Before taking a final step it is required to take note of the position of Jupiter (Bruhaspati) and Venus (Sukra) along with the house of marriage i.e. 7th and 8th house.
4. In the hand below the little finger and inside the palm and in-betweens the heart line, the sharp and clear line is known as marriage line. If the line is not broken, it is clear in colour then the early timely peaceful marriage is held.
5. On the other hand a broken line indicates late marriage. 

By Himanshu Nayak