Palmistry solution for timely marriage

Later marriage issue solution with palmistry

Palmistry solution for timely marriage

Every hand has a marriage line.

Late marriage - Palmistry - Introduction

In palmistry many palmist have studied and put forwarded their opinions as “Every hand has a marriage line “. Some of them will find a clear, long line and some of them will find it in three or four broken lines and even some of them also unclear. The lines which are equally broad, clear and parallel then that man may face many disharmonious situations and get pain in before and after marriage life.

Sayings in Palmistry

There are certain sayings in palmistry regarding the age of marriage. Those are classified in three different parts as follows.

  • If marriage line is clearly visible below the little finger then you may get married in between the age of 16 years to 21 years.
  • If the marriage line is in the middle then you may get married in between the age of 21 years to 29 years.
  • If the marriage line is above that then marriage accomplished at the age of 30 to 35 years.

Palmistry says regarding marriage

There is certain things one need to know what palmistry says regarding marriage.

  • How to Identify marriage from palm readings
  • If the marriage line is in suns area and it merged in suns line then marriage is happens in a higher heritage house or family.
  • If marriage line cuts or crosses the sun line then you may get harmed in your reputation and get involved in controversy.
  • If any small or long line crosses marriage line then they face many disturbances for marriage and marriage may get halt.
  • If marriage line breaks into two parts then marriage proposals break and life hampered.
  • If you find many marks on the marriage line then also loss occurs in marital life.
  • If the marriage line is bent towards middle finger then marriage never happens.
  • If at the ending of marriage line two lines come out of marriage line then divorce and court cases may come in your life.
  • If the marriage line is merged with heart line at its ending then many obstacles and hurdles come before marriage and delay the marriage.
  • If the marriage line is clear without any marks on it and the lines are bent towards other lines then that person may do a love marriage. 
Marriage age calculation

Presently the method for getting age of those affections are simple – What I am going to impart to you, no one has revealed the hypothesis at all without with their most loved understudies. Be that as it may, here I will talk about that, since I don't care for cover up and look for when the issue is identified with learning. The procedure is – Just take a gander at your 4 fingers, don't tally the Thumb here. Pointer, Middle Finger, Ring Finger and at long last The Little Finger. At the hole of each finger is considered the age of 25.

Assume the hole among Index and Middle Finger – draw a straight vertical line from the hole point to head line, where the line will cross on the head line that would be the initial 25 years of your age, the following holes (between fingers) would be included similarly and we will get 50 years old and the third and last hole would be of the 75 years old, in this manner we will get periods of Head line.

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