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Rudraksha for relationship which improves          

Rudraksha helps to sort out relationship issues
Family and rudraksha

          There are Rudraksha for Relationship which removes the problems with late Marriage & gives opportunity to get married soon and early with less difficulties. Also it helps to sort out any existing issues within the family & friends.

          We need to have a good relationship balance in life to bring the true joyances in each moment of our life. We need to be careful in our talk and expressions towards others for better help and impression towards us. We can take help of rudraksha for bringing better relation in our surroundings.

          Relationship problems are many and analyzing them are too complicated. Rudraksha helps us to be more active and alert. It brings more consciousness and understanding power. Understanding self and becoming positive bring new colors to relationships and living styles.


Recommended rudraksha for relationship

          If we are facing relationship, understanding issues within the family then 2 mukhi rudraksha, gauri shankar rudraksha, 4 mukhi rudraksha, 6 mukhi rudraksha, 13 mukhi rudraksha helps a lot in removing these understanding issues. This will bring a cool mind and makes other be more cool in your presence. Brings down the aggressiveness in the environment. It also helps to be more fearless which is key to bringing positive environment. Relationship problems outside the family are also benefited the same way.

Choosing rudraksha for relationships needs to consider the following aspects
          - intelligence balance.
          - Attraction power.
          - Less aggressive nature.
          - Positive & healthy feeling.
          - No/less doubtful nature.

          For delay in marriage, rudraksha needs to be choosen carefully. Ommrudraksha brings free recommendation for rudraksha. Use rudraksha for better life.



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1/8/2013 2:49 AM
I purchased Lagan Yog Rudraksha Power Combination, from a reputable company, I have since attracted a woman. Should I see this as the blessing of rudra, or pure coincidence?