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Which rudraksha to Wear | Choose proper Rudraksha
choose my lucky rudraksha

Which rudraksha to Wear

Wearing suitable or proper rudraksha brings maximum benefit


          Which rudraksha to Wear or Choose proper Rudraksha should be based on the need of the wearer. The need of the wearer should find the best suiting rudraksha. If wearer has more confusion, then he can go ahead to choose based on the kundali or jatakam which is found out from the details of birth time/place.


Which rudraksha to Wear ? (Choose proper Rudraksha)

           After knowing guide to what rudraksha are, do you know the rudraksha rudraksha or combination could be most appropriate for you. As per our old Vedic texts that Shiva Purana is Srimadbhagvatam each rudraksha a representation of a Lord & has a respective importance, weight and power. a need to choose rudraksha according to their problems or need, not necessarily according to their planetary positions. The best part about rudraksha is that it may be worn on any number and any combination that they have no inverse or negative effect. Although the specific requirements you should know that rudraksha rudraksha or combination will be most useful to them. You may not depend more on astrologers, feel free from superstition and choose your own Rudraksha using excerpts from the Vedic texts.


          Wearing suitable or proper rudraksha brings maximum benefit to the wearer. Wearer gets satisfaction and positive thought that he has the right rudraksha with him Choose proper rudraksha based on your need. which rudraksha to choose confusion can be removed if you can consult with your birth details with some astrologer or online at this website.


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How to wear rudraksha
Top 6 rules while wearing rudraksha for the first time

Rules to wear rudraksha energized

We all have generally doubts on rules while wearing rudraksha. Or to say "How to wear rudraksha".

Let us know the doe's and don't while wearing it. How to wear, when to wear. This is important to know while wearing it for the first time.

  1. For maximum effect, when the beads are worn for the first time, generally doing prayer / puja / Pran-pritishtha for the first time connection.
  2. You may bath with rudraksha called rudraksha snaan.
  3. Most of the time the beads are worn around the neck. Sometimes on wrist as jewelry.
  4. We first keep it on a sacred place at our bhakti/puja place. Better to keep on a clean place or on piece of cloth
  5. Stimulate/Pran Prathistha rudraksh from a brahmin pandit in a Shiv sanctuary and then wear ur invigorated beads for first time following its Pran Prathistha puja.
  6. Before you wear your invigorated mala for first time ensure u pursue the vidhi of saying the mantras as set down in sacred texts.
  7. After u return from going to partaking in somebody's demise burial service parade and/or visiting the graveyard or incineration ground, at that point first thing u are supposed to do is clean up. We can clean the mala and wear it.
  8. Both men and women of caste and religion can use wear and use it. Some keep a practice of chating "Om Namah Shivaya" everytime they are going to remove and wear it again
  9. Ensure there is no rahu kaal and yamghat kaal at time of purchasing another mukhi and during the time of doing its Pran Prathistha puja and likewise at the time of wearing invigorated mala for the first time. do panchag.
  10. Sometimes the mala can carry beads and a combination of all gems. One can also wear a pendant of a specific combination with pearl
  11. ( some suggest this ) On the off chance that at all unintentionally u have contacted bead with filthy hands at that point pour some great measure of ganga jal on rudraksh.
  12. Clean your mala / beads regularly after an interval of 15 days. Dip in warm water if it becomes too oiled. Remove and just wipe with a soft cloth. Do not rub strongly or use wire brushes. Apply some good oil by using cotton if required.
  13. Navratri, shivaratri, Mahashivratri and eclispe are favorable occasions to dharan, but any auspicious day is good to start wearing.
  14. Some prefer wearing it in gold or silver metal. Best is wearing it in thread.
  15. If you are not going to wear it for a long time for some reason, keep it separate in dry place only.
  16. While Vedic rituals, chanting mantras, etc. Yajna we should wear to get more fruit.
  17. Get ur mala re empowered through its Pran Prathistha puja consistently at maha shivaratri or shivratri.
  18. People are on the deathbed can wear rudraksha around neck or an arm in order to achieve spiritual salvation and good fate in the next birth. ( only belief )
  19. Mala for wearing around the neck may be composed of 108 beads or 54 japa mala or can be as small as 27 beads. Kantha mala should be of 32+1 beads.
  20. Here we have listed the belifs that people may follow. It is a belif and there is no full proof, wear with your devotion and belief, which will have more power

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Rudraksha related god goddess
Rudraksha related god goddess

Rudraksha related god and goddess

Related god helps us to understand the benefits of the bead 

           All Rudrakshas have their own governing God and Goddess and are worn to receive some particular benefits. Below given list will describe which Rudraksha is governed by which God or Goddess:

Ek Mukhi (One faced) rudraksha related god is - Lord Shiv
Dvi Mukhi (Two faced)
rudraksha related god is - Ardh Narishwar
Teen Mukhi (Three faced)
rudraksha related god is - Tri Agni
Chatur Mukhi (Four faced)
rudraksha related god is - Lord Bramha
Panch Mukhi (Five faced)
rudraksha related god is - Kalagni Rudra


       Each Rudraksha bead have special powers. The power of the beads are multiplied by worshipping to the related god/goddess.


God related to Shashth Mukhi (Six faced) rudraksha - Lord Kartikey
God related to Sapt Mukhi (Seven faced) Anang
God related to Ashth Mukhi (Eight faced) Batuk Bhairaw
God related to Nav Mukhi (Nine faced) Goddess Durga


         The purpose of relating god / goddess to rudraksha beads are to give a similarity of characteristics that the bead has inherited from the characteristics of the god/goddess.

Dash Mukhi (Ten faced) Lord Vishnu
Ekadash Mukhi (Eleven faced) Rudra
Dwadash Mukhi (Twelve faced) All twelve Aadityas
Tryodash Mukhi (Thirteen faced) Vishwedeva
Chaturdash Mukhi (Fourteen faced) Param Shiv


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rudraksha center
Rudraksha center

Center for Rudraksha

Rudraksha has been described in our old epic book

Rudraksha center

Rudraksha has been described in our old epic books. The hold books have all described the beadas the most powerful bead. These beads have one natural hole at the center. Ommrudraksha is the famous Rudraksha center for spreading the benefits of this ancient power bead.

            Ommrudraksha engages  for distribution and selling of beadsthrough various rudraksha center across india. Ommrudraksha believes in "only good quality beads works best". And have opened many rudraksha center for selling and distribution of beads. The rudraksha center at bhubaneswar office is the head office. And there are rudraksha center at bangalore, pune and Delhi as well.

          This round bead or the eyes of the Shiva are the mystical beads produced by a special tree found only in high altitudes. These beads are believed to hold mystical powers that can enhance the fortune and the strength of the person who wears these beads in a proper manner.


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Chanakya | Chanakya neeti | rules
Chanakya Neeti

Chanakya Neeti

Chanakya is known for his disciplines. He is known for his rules


          Chanakya is known for his disciplines. He is known for his rules. He is known for his determination. He is a successful politician. Our old scriptures and puranas has given us many learning lessons and NITI BANI. Every sanskrit written slokas or kabyas has something to learn from. Those lessons and teaching are meant to build up the human society with supirior culture and behaviour. For the greatness of humanity many great Spiritual gods and sanths gave their Niti bani in various forms of Kabya's (scriptures). In these great Guru's Chanakya has dignified in a special place.

          Chanakya is a great Pandit that he left so many powerful lessions to us. As he was born in the caste of KUTAL he is also well known by the name of "KOUTILYA". He was the Guru & Minister of great king of Maurya " Chandragupt". Chanakya destroyed the evil kingdom of Nanda samrajya through his great mind of Rajniti.He was a master of all type of Niti's like kutaniti, rajniti, dharma niti, arthaniti. It also said that if one dumb man follows his Niti's then he can also be a master of all.


 Chanakya Neeti

In sanskrit"-

Mulasutrang Prabakhyami Chanakyon Jathoditam
jashya bigyan matrena murkhom bhabati panditaha.

          Here we tried to write 191 Sanskrit sloka’s in a specified arrangement so that you can understand and by heart the Matra’s of Chanakya.

aanityani sarirani bibhabo naaiba shaswatah
nitya sannihito mrutyuh kartabyo dharma sangrahh.

           This body is imortal. All the money and wealth are temporary. Anytime death can take you in his hand, so we should always do devotional work.

adhanaa dhanamichchhanti badamiichaanti garbitahaa
maanavaaH svargamiechhanti mokshamiechhanti devataaH

          Poor and needy always desire wealth. But egoistic always wish for fight. Human always desire heaven where as gods wish for " Mokshya".


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