How to gain Poise - the gate of Spirit

gain poise with rudraksha

How to gain Poise

Poise is very first step needed to enter the gate of spirit. Again, it is the last step before illumination. If we take the experience of the universe as permanent and eternal, there is no possibility of gain on poise. If you accept misery as something permanent in life, how would it be possible to retain balance in mind.

A person of spiritual understanding says that there are two universes, reality and the apparent universe, which is a misreading of that reality. We misread as we don't have the understanding to enable us to read correctly. You must have a total vision to estimate truly the nature of the universe in which we live.

To gain poise effectively and permanently, we must learn to devote ourselves steadfastly to God. If you are steadfastly devoted, poise come to your mind and the body and nerves, to every cell. You have heard the expression, “spiritualizing the body. " It isn't that the body can be made spirit and not decay, but it can be made pure. When you experience spiritual bliss, there is forgetfulness of the body.

So, in all conditions, in everything you sense and whatever you experience hold on to God. See that one reality everywhere. A moment will come when poise control and purity all become natural to you, and you don't have to try to control anymore. Your character and your life become such that you become a blessing to yourself and to others, without being conscious of it.

Rudraksha and gemstones bring some degree of balance so that wearer gets better control over mind.

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We must practice daily to devote ourselves to the supreme soul