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Moon on Lord Shiva's head

Significance of Moon on the head of Lord Shiva

By Diptimayee parida | bangalore August 22, 2017

The supreme Lord Shiva has many symbols and one of them is moon on his head. There is a story about this in our mythology. Daksha’s twenty seven daughters were married to the God Chandra. One of the Chandra’s wives named Rohini loved more than his other wives. So the other wives of moon complained their father for this. Daksha warned his son in law to devote himself equally to all wives. But Chandra didn’t listen any warning of Daksha. Daksha thereupon cursed the moon that he would gradually fade away.

After this moon started losing its luminescence every day and he didn’t know what to do. It got afraid and with the advice of Brahma, Chandra went to prabhasa tirtha and made a linga on the bank of the river saraswati. There he prayed Lord Shiva for six months. At the end Shiva appeared before Chandra and granted him a boon. Then Chandra explained about his problem.

Then Shiva answered Daksha’s curse couldn’t be entirely ignored. He said during Krishnapaksha you will wane. In shuklapaksha you will wax, it is the solution for this problem. Chandra become very happy and took refuge in lord Shiva. Lord Shiva wore the moon crescent on his head making him grow for 15 days and decay for 15 days periodically.

lord shiva


The linga to which Chandra prayed is Somnath, the first of jyotirlingas. The legend said that the somnath is the first temple which was built by Chandra dev himself. So Somnath means the protector of moon god.

• The crescent moon symbolizes that he has controlled the mind perfectly.
• The crescent moon on Shiva’s head looks like an ornament. The waxing and waning phenomenon of the moon indicates the time cycle through which creation evolves from the beginning to end. Since the lord is the eternal reality but he is beyond time.


diptimayee parida

Diptimayee parida India

Contributor at Ommrudraksha

Diptimayee parida is a writer and Story teller. A Social activist.Connect with her at LinkedIn.

How to deal with Negative Emotions

Preventive Steps For Negative Emotions

By Diptimayee parida | bangalore August 22, 2017

A person feels different types of emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, excitement, nervousness, anxiety etc. In everyday life we feel such type of positive and negative emotions. The negative emotions are very hard and sad to deal with, but these are a part like the positive ones. So it is very important to handle the negativity for better life.

In this article we are showing some methods to handle negative emotions.


1- It is very important to stop noticing how the emotion affects your behavior. In your sad time you may listen sad music, crying or sleeping on the bed. On the other hand it is same in positive emotions. You may sing, dance, smile or feeling excited. So it is very necessary to recognize your behaviour.


2- Emotions never stick around always. It lasts for some period. When we are good, it doesn’t mean we are good always or when we are bad, we aren’t bad always. Like that when we feel something negative, make sure to mind that it won’t last forever, just like physical pain. This is also right in positive emotions. It isn’t necessary to remind every day.


negative emotion


3- Don’t blame yourself or anyone for emotions, just try to find its root and solve it. Whatever it is, it may be something huge like death of a friend or family member, try to identify. If it is more than one, find all the causes of emotions.


4- You must accept your emotion. You may be love or hate it . You never change it. You have to live with it.  So it is very important to accept it. You are feeling whatever you are supposed to feel. That will be sure helping you.


5- If you are feeling negative emotions, there may be a reason for it. Take the steps for handling it and move on. But don’t ignore it. Flea it in your brain and you can retrieve any useful information.


6- Exercise and relaxations lowers the stress and allow you to cope better with negative emotions.

But if we allow our emotions to swing us around widely, we all end up our relationship. We have to control and handle it for our future positive emotions.


diptimayee parida

Diptimayee parida India

Contributor at Ommrudraksha

Diptimayee parida is a writer and Story teller. A Social activist.Connect with her at LinkedIn.

Why We Celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

By Diptimayee parida | bangalore August 21, 2017

To honor the elephant headed God Ganesha’s birthday, Hindus celebrate the 10 day festival “Ganesh chaturthi”. He is known as the god of beginnings because he is honored at the beginning of every Hindu ritual programmes. Ganesha is known by 108 names, but widely known as Ganapati or Vinayaka.

There are two different stories in history about the birth of Lord Ganesha. It is said that devi Parvati created ganesha from the dirt of her body when having a bath. Then she told him to guard her door while she finishes her bath. At that time lord Shiva want to enter into the cave, but ganesha didn’t know him and stopped him to enter. Then angry Shiva severed the Ganesha’s head. Parvati was enraged and ganesha will live again by the promise of Lord Shiva. Shiva fixed the elephant’s head on the child and brought him back to his life.

Another story tells that Lord Shiva and Parvati created ganesha with the request of all devatas, to be a obstacle creator in the path of demons. The Vighnahartaa always help devas. So Ganesha chaturthi is celebrated all over India during the month of Bhadra. It is the mid August or mid September and last 10 days ending on the day of Ananta chaturdashi. Maharashtra is famous for the ganesha festival. It was first celebrated by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja.

Shree Ganesha


A clay model of Ganapati is made before the ganesha chaturthi. The idols size available from 3\4th inch to 25 feet tall. The main prasad in this festival is modak offered to lord ganesha. During this festival many pandals are decorated and the Vinayaka is worshiped for 10 days. The four most important rituals done in the festival. They are pranapratishhtha, shhodashopachara- 16 forms of paying tribute to ganesha, uttarpuja and Ganesh visarjan. On the 11th day of this festival his procession is accompanied with dancing and then the idol is immersed in flowing water.
As ganesha is considered as “Buddhi Pradayaka”, it is a very important festival for students. They worship the lord to illumine their mind.


diptimayee parida

Diptimayee parida India

Contributor at Ommrudraksha

Diptimayee parida is a writer and Story teller. A Social activist.Connect with her at LinkedIn.

Shivoham - Being Bound is just a mind Game


"Being Bound is just a mind Game."

Shiva puranmeditation

In our daily life we do many things such as meeting many people, eating variety of foods and  visiting many places but we are comfortable with selected things, still we co-ordinate with them as per our needs. Sometimes we try to get attached to and become comfortable with force to accomplish our goals.

well that is called as "Sadhana" or "Manava Prayatna". Let us stop discussing more on that practice.

But from where we are getting these goals into our mind.. why are we not happy with what we have and why we do not ignore  what we don't have. what are the reasons behind it.

We often listen to the word " inner voice " from people does it mean is there someone who is talking to us by being with us or sitting inside of us, if yes who is that, where is that inner voice coming from in fact what is the meaning of "inner" for us.  
if no one is there, then the listener is faking ?? there should be some source and point of origin for every thing  right.
Many says that inner is god.. other says the inner is mind.. infact these both have no solid proof for their respective statements.



As long as ' I ' is live, This I gets automatically gets connected to the world and those worldly things and gets struck there and starts craving for some or other. This I is also been born from "Manass"  The Mind.. When that piece of code is properly and systematically handled liberation happens eventually. Liberation does not just mean leaving all the things around us and running away from all the responsibilities and duties.. infact that is to live life in eswara aarpana sthithi. We will not get strongly attached to anything and don't develop fake ego and take credits of every thing of the world. We get the feel of "Nimittha matra" and surrender ourselves to the feet of The Supreme.


The supreme
Shoham sarada


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Gita - A Guardian For Life

Contradictions In Gita

By Diptimayee parida | bangalore August 19, 2017

The Bhagvat Gita is full of contradictions. It is very difficult to understand. It can understand only by seeing it totality. In Gita, at one point Krishna tells Arjun that action is the most important and without action one will be nowhere. But in another place he tells him that action is good but knowledge is better. The Krishna says, “You must become a yogi and drop everything around you.” In another way Krishna tells him, he is intelligent to see action in inaction and vice versa. So every action has inaction and every inaction has got an action connected to it.

Krishna tells Arjun in chapter six, if he is confused then he has to meditate. Finally he says he is the actual yogi as I am with him in every condition whether he meditates or not.

Another place Krishna says Arjun that no one dear to him and then gives a list of qualifications for those he really loves. Krishna is like a best friend to Arjun. Except Vidur and Udhava nobody even thought he was enlightened. According to them they are very smart including Arjun also.



Then Krishna gives him a vision for a moment, he saw the universe appears as a manifestation of Krishna to Arjun. Arjun see all of creation, everything the mountains and the rivers, the past present and future dissolving in Krishna. For an instant, the whole of life, the universe, all memories play out like a movie and frighten Arjun. This is called the “Vishwa Roopa Darshana” the vision of the universal.

Krishna tried about the yagyas, principles and laws of the universe, sanyasa and how to be centered. But at last it was the display of the universal vision worked on Arjun. When Arjun wants to give up Krishna tells him to think and do which is best for him. Then Arjun’s mind is clear. Krishna had to speak through 18 chapters to get him this point. Krishna could have done it at 1st chapter, but it is the beautiful way to flow this knowledge.

Hence everything may show to be all contradictory from all angles, but that is the reality.


diptimayee parida

Diptimayee parida India

Contributor at Ommrudraksha

Diptimayee parida is a writer and Story teller. A Social activist.Connect with her at LinkedIn.