Colors of Rudraksha beads

Colors of rudraksha

Should wear which color of rudraksha
rudraksha color

Different Colors of rudraksha beads

There are descriptions about different colors of rudraksha in our ancient holy books. Also there are instructions that apply to who should wear which color of rudraksha. But broad classification of rudraksha based on color which affects the power of rudraksha is no where given. So the color of rudraksha does not affect the power of rudraksha. As per your years of experience in rudraksha field, we have not felt a need of classification of rudraksha based on colors. Still there are certain rules apply to black and odd color rudraksha beads.

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6/15/2012 6:37 PM
The rudraksha colors do not affect the power of the bead. The color is only one external criteria. The same good bead may look different in different conditions. So I also agree with the writer that " Rudraksha color does not change the property or power of the beads"