We all have Two Fathers - Physical father and Supreme father

We all have Two Fathers


Human being has a body and a soul. Soul is the one whom he represents/feels by staying in a temporary body. In india, after the death of someone, they call him though prayer for offering. They call to whom ? The soul, soul of the person who died. They know that soul was that person whom they remember when he was in that body. Now body is not there. But they know soul is still there.

There is a custom to call the soul to offer him worldly things or give him message or peace. In Hindu family, they have the custom of calling them every year and offer them peace/prayer. Who comes ? Will soul come ? I understand If soul is free, it will come ! else ...

So Every human being has a body and a soul. He has two fathers, the father of the body and the father of the soul. i.e. physical father and spiritual father.

Father of the body we understand. The father of the soul is the "ParamAtma". We all know our ParamAtma father. We pray him telling "O God, the Father! O Supreme Father, Supreme Soul". We also know that he is the creator of "I" the soul. So we never forget him. The past memory reminds us that "Parampita Paramatma is the creator".

Our soul is Nirakar. Similarly God is Nirakar. Nirakar father created the nirakar soul. His name is "ParamPita" or "Supreme soul" because father stays in Supreme place or Paramdham. "Supreme place" means the place which is very higher in place from us. So when we talk about "ParamAtma", we automatically look upwards to find him.

God    Supreme Father

name of supreme soul


Paramatma is known by many names by devotees. His true Name is "Shiv"


Definition of निराकार

  • वि० [सं० निर्–आकार, ब० स०] १. जिसका कोई आकार न हो। आकार-रहित। २. कुरूप। बेडौल। भद्दा। पुं० १. ब्रह्म। २. विष्णु। ३. शिव। ४. आकाश

  • [Source: Pustak ]
Krishna janmastami 2018
krishna janmastami

Krishna Janmastami


Krishna Janmastami is annual festival that celebrates the birth of shree krishna. Dance and drama enactments of lord krishna according to  sastra. Devotional singing continues through the night when krishna is born. Towns like mathura and vrindavan start preparing for the festival weeks in advance. Here krishna spent his early days. Different regions in the country celebrate krishna janmastami differently according to the beliefs. 

Lord krishna is said to like makhan. Makhan the pure and clean butter is symbol of Purity happiness and Peace. 

Many stories have been written about krishna which has become famous. The truth is Krishna is the First, Pure, Happy, Sarbagun samparn Prince on this land. Krishna is said to have 16 Kala or gunas which is maximum. And Purna kala was existing only during satya yug. 

The glorious festival falls on 2nd september this year. The celebrations are marked with utmost piousness, grace and glory. Krishna decended on earth around 3000 B.C. And it is spoken that there was golden yug 3000 years before Lord Jesus decended on earth.

Grace    Glory


Welcome Shree Krishna


Raksha Bandhan 2018


Raskhi is the is celebrated differently in these days. Previously around 40 -50 years back, it was totally a different type of celebration. No one was so excited about rakhi day. Brahmins used to come home and put color threads. They did not have clear explanation to what was the purpose of them coming and puting rakhi to all people. Some had some understanding of the purpose.

Recently The celebration has become different, turning the real purpose of raksha bandan.

Rakhi used to be for keeping promise. Keeping sankalp, strong decission for keeping yourself "Pure". Pure means keeping self clean. Clean has broad meaning of clean body, thinking, wealth. Raksha means "protection". Protect yourself from becoming the opposite of clean.

"I promise, i will keep myself Pure. Protect myself from becoming opposite of purity/cleanness.

Purity   Cleanness


Promise to stay pure
Nakshatra - 8 - The punarvasu

Properties of punarvasu nakshatra






Until the last article we focused on understanding what star is... What properties it would possess… In what way the zodiac is composed of these stars... relation between stars and degrees of zodiac... and so on…

So far we have had a fairly good discussion to understand what a star is... Now Let us get in to the process of understanding of each and every 27 stars one by one...

Every one of us know that Stars are 27 and starts with Aswini... there is another school as well which counts from Krithika as same as the way it starts in Nakshatra suktam… as below.


ॐ ॥ अ॒ग्निर्नः॑ पातु॒ कृत्ति॑काः……..

There are several other reasons for that one of them is Sun being king of all planets and the lord of this star, so to show due respects towards Sun…

But I am today picking up one star as a first star to talk about which is neither a starting point nor an ending point, but I have my own reasons to choose that which I will reveal at the end of this article.
Anyways the one which I am picking up now is nothing but Lord Jupiter’s First star.

The Punarvasu

Just keep a point in the mind about this star… Lord Rama one of the well know incarnations of Lord Vishnu took birth in this star.

Let us take the help of Rama mantra and Punarvasu Nakshatra mantra here to have a better level of receptive power to understand this star…

“Om Sree Raama Raama Ramethi Rame Raame Manorame.. Sahasra Nama thaththulyam.. Rama Nama Varanane…”

Punarvasu Nakshatra Vedic Mantra :
    Om AditiDhyorDitirAntrikshamDiti RMaata Sa Pita,
    Sa Putrah Vishwedeva AditiH PanchJana AditiJaatam,
    AditirRajNitvam, Om Aadityaay Namah.

Sloka reference Veda

   Fine… one straighter characteristic of this star can be understood from The Ramayana… Lord Rama was famous for many things above all he would be the best king. Any time period of a good rule is very often quoted as “Rama Rajya”

 Though he did not attain the kingdom immediately or as soon as it is planned by his father the great Dasaratha… after returning from the forest only he could take over the kingdom to rule. So the bottom line is for Punarvasu success would not come as soon as they attempt but after some time that would be for sure reasons for that gap may vary from case to case…

Punahaa Vasu… Otherwise Reborn, Regenerate, Replenish, and Reform etc… in our cricket terminology we say “Back to Form” which is again connected to Punarvasu.

Rama punarvasu

By Knowing its shape, can get still clearer idea… Shape is “quiver full of arrows “

Sometimes it is represented as a “two arrows together” and by the way they are divine arrows.

Again these shapes reminds us the Lord Rama who holds Bow and Arrows in every picture we get to see him.

To shoot an arrow on a target, once it has to be drawn back fully and then it is aimed at the goal, again we can understand that backward moment is just to make forward motion much harder, no negative sense in this action.

punarvasu birthstarquiver

The Deity is Aditi
Mother of devatas otherwise goodness, implicitly says it causes goodness and yields fruitful things at its purest form. Same way Devatas/Vasus don’t get success immediately over demons, but after involvement of the Vishnu (Rama) only they would get support and success.
Punarvasu’s Placement
Spread from 20:00 degrees Mithuna up to 3:20 Karnataka. The ruling planet is Jupiter.
Since it has something to deal with movement, action it is good for buying and repairing vehicles, Journeys, Pujas (Travelling from lower to higher realms).

It is a temporary, quick and movable nature star.
Favorable for
undertaking travel, acquiring conveyances, gardening, going on processions, visiting friends.

To Be Continued

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Nakshatra - 5 - Properties of planets and stars

Properties of planets and stars       *STAR*... *STAR*... *ASTRO STAR*






Well, now we all know what is meant by placement of a planet in a star, and we are even cool with janma nakshatra concept.

Nakshatra also possess few properties, knowing the same can give much clearer insight into the star. If we understand and digest properties of any star,

So let us reveal those properties one by one.

Ruling Deity/Deities – This name/names of the deities gives the overall picture of the nakshatra

तैत्तिरीय ब्रह्मणम् । अष्टकम् – 3 प्रश्नः – 1
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Astro Advisor, review writer, content writer on variety of topics.