I will focus on fundamentals this time

1. Focus on the fundamentals

I will focus more on the fundamentalsMost of us would wish to jump on what's fun like shooting on tutorials that in the end will make a project.But that is not necessarily the best idea, working on the fundamentals, learning the very basic, on repeat over and over isn't a choice, but a necessity. 

on the fundamentals

2. Jump

You can not just jump to the libraries and frameworks just because you believe you know a bit Javascript, I was once guilty of this as well, but realizing our mistakes is the most significant way to understand and grow.We need to actually grasp and build a solid foundation of programming, it's easy to get lost, everybody does, but the most important is to have the guts to accept that people do, and do something about it.

         Try it out today!

3. I will do

When I had the chance to do it all again, I'd spend months banging my head on Data Construction, Mathematics, Algorithms, and Problem Solving, however embarrassing it is.