Sidha mala (Indonesian)

Indonesian Sidha mala for the benefit of sidha yoga and sadhya yoga effect for the wearer. To get all blessings that the rudraksha beads can bring.
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22,000.00 (INR)

This is known as siddha mala.  Sidha mean accomplished. The wearer gets accomplished in all respect of comfort and luck also with accommodating personality, spiritual interest, interest in rituals and Please nature. Also the sadhya yoga blessings are blessed. Sadhya means amenable. Wearer becomes well behaved with accomplished manners and etiquette.

Auspicious time starts after keeping this most sacred rudraksha mala. Auspicious blessings like lustrous personality, health wealth comes easily to the wearer as per the descriptions in purans.

Configuration of the mala - The mala is made with good quality indonesia rudraksha beads. Total 45 beads are used. 1 mukhi chandrakar is used for making. Other beads are used of Indonesia or Java origin of high quality. Each bead is capped with pure silver (90 % silver used). 1 mukhi to 14 mukhi + gauri sankar + ganesh mukhi beads all are capped with best quality silver. 

1 mukhi - 1pcs - Size 28 - 20 mm (Indian origin, Half moon shape, Silver capped)

2 mukhi to 8 mukhi, Ganesh - 1pcs - Size 11 to 13 mm (Indonesian Origin)

9 mukhi to 14 mukhi, Gauri Shankar - 1 pcs - Size 16 to 20 mm (Indonesian Origin)

Puja for the mala - The mala is properly energized to keep its power and soul highly powerful. We make Yanjgya for the buyer on request and do all necessary japam and mantra sidhi puja before hand over.

Who should wear this most sacred mala ? All can procure such a blessed mala. It will bring spiritual enhancement and better luck.