Yoga combination mala

Attractive and interesting mala and bracelet made for the peace of mind and body. Brings peace to inner mind and enhances knowledge on spiritualism.
5,400.00 (INR)
5,999.99 (INR)

Description of Yoga combination mala

Enhances yoga power and meant for spiritual enhancement in the wearer. Helps to bring calmness and uniquely designed for best effect on mind and subconsciousness. Attractive and interesting mala and bracelet made for the peace of mind and body. Brings peace to inner mind and enhances knowledge on spiritualism. Has 2 pieces in the product.  One mala to be worn around the neck. And one bracelet to be worn around the wrist.

Configuration of Yoga combination mala

With mala, 16 number of fine quality Nepali origin 5 mukhi rudraksha beads and one fine quality medium size 11 mukhi rudraksha bead. 11 mukhi is placed as the center bead in the mala. The size of the mala is 14 inch in double and 28 inch single ehile measure minimum size while wearing through head. 16 number of 8mm Indonesian 5 mukhi beads used as spacers between the big beads. Finest red wood beads or small size 5 mukhi rudraksha used at the neck wearing region.

The bracelet have three number of 5 mukhi beads with Indonesian 8 mm pancha mukhi spacers. Also have red wood beads as spacers. (OR small size 5 mukhi beads also can be used) Made with nylon thread which lasts long after wearing.


What is performed before shipping the product ?

We do proper energization of the beads as per our religious belief. We take utmost care while doing the packaging. We also do chanting for the beads before sending it on postage.


Benefits of wearing the mala and bracelet ?

Brings peace and meant for better spiritual knowledge and health. Also concentration is the ideal necessity in spiritualism and yoga which is enhanced with tbe mala and bracelet combination. All people can wear this for good health and positive thinking. 

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