Japa Mala 27+1 Nepal Beads

Rudraksha japa mala made with 27 beads of pancha mukhi rudraksha and one meru rudraksha. Properly made with the power and compactness of the mala in mind while making.
1,119.99 (INR)

Description about rudraksha japa mala

Japa mala are suitable for chanting.

Chanting of beeja mantra with rudraksh mala brings siddhi faster.

Rudraksha japa mala helps to get more benefit for chanting.

Brings in the peace and contentness within the owner and the person who does chanting using this mala.

Configuration of rudraksha japa mala

Contains 27 beads of 5 mukhi Rudraksha + 1 ( used as the meru of the mala )

Each bead used are properly cleaned before using.

Total 28 number of Nepal origin good quality rudraksha beads are used.

The beads are strung with best quality red color woolen thread.

The length of the mala when hung is 10.5 - 11.5 inch when regular 5 mukhi rudraksha beads used.

The perimeter of the japa mala is 20 inches in total.

The mala is made as per the way of making japa mala.

The compact size of the japa mala make it to make easy for holding and joing japa in gomukh.

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