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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Importance of sun in kundali

Sun or surya is the main planet in Astrology
Sun birth chart astrology

Sun or Surya In Birth Chart | Astrology

            In our planetary arrangement, Sun is the center and the most important member. It does not have latitude. It is in the elliptic. It never comes in inferior state. The planet sun as per astrology have following descriptions. Sun has friendly relations with all the planets except that to Saturn. It is known for the masculine, dryness & as hot. Depending upon the planetary configurations and the places in the kundali or birth chart, sun may give good or bad results to the karaka.

Effect/Importance of sun as per Kundali/Jataka

           Sun and its effect affect the personality. Also it represents the human character and nature. Astrologically, sun represents the father, authority, education, power of politics, high status, defeating enemies. Also sun represents heart, right eye, stomach, bones of the human body. Sun also represent fever, leprosy, cerebral disorder, blood pressure, head injury etc. That means negative sun may give the above malefic diseases or problems to the karaka. Also sun affects the body parts mentioned above and the beneficial or negative effect of the planet affect those parts of the body of the karaka likewise. Sun represents Eastern direction.

Rudraksha for planet sun | Astology Importance of Surya | Remedy

            Rudraksha can be worn to ease the effect of sun in the birth chart. It is seen that rudraksha effect on malefic sun is immense and has immediate good results to the karaka after wearing rudraksha. 1 mukhi rudraksha is worn for planet sun. Please refer rudraksha for surya/Sun for better rudraksha recommendations for sun.


By Himanshu Nayak

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