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Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Pearl benefits of use and disease cure

Importance of Pearl and it's disease cure capability

What is Pearl

Pearl is a hard object collected from shell of a sea animal mollusk. The main chemical component is calcium carbonate. The good pearl are very smooth and proper made round. Pearl is primarily used for making of jewels. Pearl is also used for chemicals, medicines, after being crushed. 

Pearl has Disease cure capability.

Importance or Benefits of pearl are related to Moon as per the Vedic astrology.

Disease cure with pearl

This is the ornament for planet moon. This is worn or kept if the placement of moon in jataka / kundali / birth chart is found to be positive and auspicious. All problems or diseases occurring because of moon are cured by wearing this. Mental tensions, mental imbalance, diseases related to cold e.g. asthma, joint pain, Epilepsy, Dyspepsia, beriberi etc diseases are cured with pearl. The mental tensions and problems because of mental tensions are easily cured with pearl. All these can be helpful if moon is auspicious according to the karaka birth chart. Diseases related to urinary system are also easily cured with pearl. This is very helpful in case of sex related diseases. Moon represents coolness and by wearing Pearl, one gets coolness and simple character like Moon or Chandra.

Rudraksha for the same effect of pearl (rudraksha for moon)

Rudraksha has very good and positive effect for people affected with diseases related to moon. Rudraksha does not have any negative effect. The power of rudraksha is multifold compared to pearl. Rudraksha can be worn instead of pearl. 2 mukhi rudraksha is for planet moon. Please refer rudraksha for moon for more details.

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12/30/2011 11:34 PM
Very cool in nature

Pearl is found to be very cold. The wearer feels the coldness after wearing the pearl mala.

1/12/2012 10:56 AM
Cool downs the wearer mind

After wearing pearl i have felt a calmness all around me. It has made my body cool and i feel many of the diseases vanishing within a month of wearing.