Prosperity Mala

Prosperity mala is also known as Wish fulfill mala or the one which fulfill your wish. It gives the mental and physical improvement
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Benefits of wearing prosperity rudraksha mala

Bestows the wearer with all possible mental and physical strength.

Leadership quality and excellence in communication which are key to prosperity and growth are properly blessed to the wearer.

Bad luck of the wearer which may be obstructing the future growth, are slowly removed and wearer feels new success and positiveness.

Wearer sees new opportunities and growth in his dealing with time.

Perfection on the way of approach and work is slowly attained to give the wearer confidence and focus on his work.

Who should wear prosperity rudraksha mala ?

All those people who have intention and wish to do some work but feel they are not that much blessed or feel that they are not ready to accomplish their work or feel they are little lazy in implementing such wishes.

Configuration of prosperity rudraksha mala

The mala contains five rudraksha beads of Nepal origin. 

All these beads are of the best quality available and are of good color.

The mala is properly energized and done proper mantra japam at right time.

The five rudraksha beads are strung in the way the image is shown and are attached to best quality silk-cotton thread of red color.

13 mukhi - 1 pcs - Size 25mm - 26 mm 

7 mukhi  - 2 pcs - Size 18mm - 20mm

6 mukhi - 1 pcs - Size 20mm

8 mukhi - 1 pcs - Size 21mm - 22mm

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