chikna mala one

Chikna mala contains beads from Indonesian origin and spatik beads and red sandalwood beads to make a beautiful fashionable mala.
899.99 (INR)

Benefits of wearing this rudraksha mala

  • Simple and beautiful design. Small and easy to wear.
  • 5 mukhi Indonesian rudraksha beads give good protection and coolness.
  • Protection from untimely death and fear.
  • Spatik beads give good health benefits and cures many different skin diseases.
  • Good quality spatik beads bring the body temperature down.
  • Red sandalwood beads will bring goodness of career boosting.

Configuration of this rudraksha mala

  •  42 number of good quality Indonesian beads.
  • Rudraksha bead sizes are of 6mm diameter.
  • 42 number of good quality red sandalwood beads.
  • 42 number of good quality spatik beads.
  • 31 cm length when hung from the neck. ( when measured one end to another end as one line the size of the mala is 62cm )
  • Can be worn and removed easily from to neck.
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