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Wednesday, September 25, 2013
precaution while wearing 1 mukhi rudraksha

1 mukhi rudraksha has many Precautions while choosing

Should be chosen with precaution

Issues wearing 1 mukhi rudraksha | problems


1 mukhi rudraksha benefits

          1 mukhi rudraksha has many benefits. it is the rarest one. It is the ultimate rudraksha that can be worn. A divine miracle. There are limitless benefits just by wearing 1 mukhi rudraksha. The wearer is blessed with health, wealth and wisdom. All material benefits start flowing to the wearer. Wearer never gets any mental problem that is described in the holy books.


1 mukhi rudraksha - round

          This is the original rudraksha that is described in holy books. The old books in India describe the 1 mukhi rudraksha to be circular and similar to other round beads. The availability of round ek mukhi rudraksha is rare. Possibly 1-3 rudraksha of round shape coming out of nepal in 1 year.


1 mukhi rudraksha - Chandrakar

1 mukhi rudraksha chandrakar

            These are one sub-species of rudraksha. This rudraksha bead is seen to be half circular or chandrakar. It is one of sub species of rudraksha. The availability of this rudraksha is abondant. Because of the rarity of 1 mukhi round, 1 mukhi chandrakar is used instead.


Precautions or problems wearing 1 mukhi rudraksha - Chandrakar

There are some precuations should be taken before wearing 1 mukhi rudraksha of chandrakar shape.

  • There can be alergy with 1 mukhi rudraksha. It is found that black colored 1 mukhi rudraksha are of more alergy creating type. There are chances of getting alergy on body within 1-2 days of wearing.
  • 1 mukhi chandrakar rudraksha is found to be more hot in nature than the original 1 mukhi round. Because of this the wearer gets more body heat.
  • Wearer gets more anger compared to round rudraksha.



By Himanshu Nayak

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1/12/2012 10:57 AM
Does 1 mukhi rudraksha round has same issues

1 mukhi rudraksha of round shape - does this bead has also the same issues that is described above ?

1/17/2012 6:02 PM
1 mukhi round rudraksha

Is it true that the original 1 mukhi rudraksha used to be round and not the chandrakar. Does 1 mukhi round rudraksha original.

1/29/2012 6:10 PM
1 mukhi round rudraksha read

I have heard that there only comes 2-3 round nepali rudraksha beads in one year. That means there comes 2 round rudraksha beads to the market. So possibly these beads should be the most rare rudraksha beads available. And so the cost.