Memory & intelligence & health mala( 12 years age)

For normal Health, Peace, Memory, Protection from diseases
589.99 (INR)

Removes all general health problems, asthma, stomach problem,cold Gets creativity, memory, and grasping power General protection to child against all the weather diseases Children of higher age group(12 years) can wear. Configuration : one 3 mukhi + one 4 mukhi + one 5 mukhi

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6 mukhi rudraksha

Improves oratory skills Blesses with luxury, comfort, pleasure, Controls sexual diseases, mouth disease, urinary problem
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Rudraksha for Gyan and intelligence

For Creativity memory speech problems gyan and intelligence rudraksha to be worn.
74.99 (INR)

Saraswati mala - Rudraksha

Saraswati mala brings knowledge health and will power to the wearer. This is most suitable combination for studies and concentration to students of all kind.
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