5 mukhi Rudraksha bracelet

Mind remains calm and spiritual. Monitors blood pressure and cardiac ailments.
250.00 (INR)
101.99 (INR)

Importance of 5 mukhi rudraksha Bracelet

 This rudraksha bracelet avoids accidental death. This bracelet used for sadhana or meditation. This five face bracelet brings fame. Maintains mental peace. This bracelet is used for controlling blood pressure and diabetes. Used for general health ( to guard against all diseases ). Wards off fear and also for proper meditation.


Diseases cured by 5 mukhi rudraksha bracelet

This bracelet cures Liver/thighs/vertebral column/cardiac problems. Also used for blood pressure, breast ailments. Also a memory enhancer, cures acidity, fistula, inflammability. Five mukhi affects all major chakra points. .


Who should wear five mukhi rudraksha bracelet

This can be worn by all human beings. For those who want overall health. For warding off fear. For meditation.


Astrological view

Removes malefic of Jupiter. Astrological effect of Jupiter - Cause lack of peace of mind, utter poverty, lack of harmony,   diseases caused by fat, and those of kidney, thigh, ear, diabetes.