Health bracelet for children - 1

Very effective in curing repeated occurrences of fever in children, for better health to weak children
589.99 (INR)

> One 3 Mukhi rudraksha in an elastic bracelet format along with wood beads.


> Very effective for Repeated occurrences of fever in children
> Very effective for harmonizing health of very weak children.
> Removes laziness and makes energetic.
> Commonly used for all types of diseases.
> Controls stress and increases self confidence.

Disease cure
> Controls fever in children. Eases Stomach problems. ( e.g. stomach pain)
> For child who is very weak (Children below seven years can wear one bead)
> Effective against skin diseases, stomach disorders.

Who should wear
> For children having weakness, inferiority complex, depression, negative feeling, guilt feeling
> For children who want to be very energetic as they are involved in multiple activities.

Astrological view
> Removes malefic of Mars/Sun.
> Effect of Mars - blood poisoning, accidents, inferiority feeling, fearful, self hatred, mental strain, blood pressure, kidney problem.