2 mukhi silver bracelet

Uniquely designed bracelet brings unity, calmness, better family life, good health for the wearer.
1,100.00 (INR)

Importance of 2 mukhi rudraksha bracelet made of pure red sandalwood beads

Do mukhi Represents Lord Ardhanareeshwar. Wearer of Do mukhi bracelet gets many benefits. Harmonizes thoughts, maintains a good family life, makes more better relationships. Brings unity in family, friends, near and dear ones, closely interacting people circle. Do mukhi rudraksha bracelet helps to get married early. Always gives happiness, brings spiritual gain. Do mukhi bracelet helps in begetting children. Wearer's family finds faith, reverence within family. Removes differences in opinion that may occur within family, friends, close relatives.


Disease cure by 2 mukhi bracelet made of pure red sandalwood beads

 This do mukhi bracelet helps in memory loss, urinary bladder disease, lung and heart disease, left eye problem, leukemia, liver/breast problem. Do mukhi bracelet controls the heart part of the body.


Who should wear 2 mukhi bracelet made of pure red sandalwood beads

 For all singles facing difficulty in getting partner. For those having relation problems within family or in work field. Childless couple can wear for begetting children. For those needing peaceful relationship, need more friends/friendship, better family life.


Astrological view of 2 mukhi rudraksha bracelet made of pure red sandalwood beads

Removes malefic of Moon. What are astrological Effect of Moon - kidney, intestine, left eye problem. lack of harmony in relationships.

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