5mukhi hand band

5mukhi hand band made with indonesian rudraksha beads. A five Mukhi Rudraksha have five natural lines from head to bottom. It is blessed by Lord Shiva. According to the Padma, Puran wearer rules out over all types of living beings.
550.00 (INR)

5mukhi hand band made with indonesian rudraksha beads 

This bracelet is made with 5mukhi indonesian bead very nicely strung together can be used as hand band.

The bracelet is useful to control over stress,depression and anger .

Total 112 number of good quality beads used to make the hand band.

Size of the bead is 7mm.

Size of the bracelet is 6inches which is the normal size of making bracelet.

It is a very nice and strechable bracelet which can be used by both for male n female.

Stong elastic thread is used to strung the beads together.