6 mukhi Rudraksha bracelet

Gives fame, wealth, luxury, pleasure, comfort. Widely used for sexual diseases, diseases of mouth,neck related, urinary problems.
250.00 (INR)
119.99 (INR)

Importance of 6 mukhi rudraksha bracelet

This rudraksha bracelet refines wisdom. It improves expression power and will power. Also has power to Improve oratory skills. Brings braveness within the wearer. This bracelet blesses with luxury, comfort, pleasure. Worn along with 4 mukhi for education excellence. Benefits in stammering problem(speech defect).


Disease cure 6 mukhi rudraksha bracelet

This rudraksha bracelet controls sexual diseases. Also cures mouth disease, urinary problem, neck related. And has power to cure dropsy, cancer, organ failure, kidney, neck, throat. Also benefits in indigestion, arthritis, eye, nerve/vein related,thyroid. Childless couple wear this along with 4 mukhi and gauri shankar rudraksha.


Who should wear six mukhi rudraksha bracelet

Students, artists,teachers,scientists(who use mental power and learning). Who wants to excel in speeches.


Astrological view

Removes malefic of Mars/Venus. Astrological Effect of Mars/Venus Diseases and problems involving genital organs, throat. Decrease in Sexual pleasure, love, musical talent, valor.