Rudraksha spatik bracelet 1

The rudraksha spiritual bracelet is made with pancha mukhi Indonesia beads along with more numbers spatik beads as spacers with one Best quality Nepal bead.
279.99 (INR)

Configuration of rudraksha spirit bracelet

  • Only selected and special stretchable elastic thread is used to make the product which is durable and strong.
  • The elastic thread used is strong enough to withstand long usage.
  • One best quality Nepal rudraksha bead is used as the center bead of the bracelet.
  • Nepali rudraksha along with spatik beads and red sandalwood beads are used together.
  • Best quality rudraksha beads used for the mala.
  • User can customize the bracelet with different rudraksha bead as chosen.
  • 30 beads in total are used for this.
  • 20 clear high quality spatik beads are used in a pattern with the bracelet.
  • Five small medium size red sandalwood beads are used in a pattern with the bracelet.
  • Four pieces Indonesia pancha mukhi rudraksha are used in a pattern with the bracelet making.

Importance of rudraksha bracelet

  • Pancha mukhi rudraksha is good for keeping the person cool and brings protection from accidents
  • Red sandalwood beads are good for spiritual attainment and career progress.
  • Spatik beads keep the body cool and brings good health.