Friday, May 24, 2019 9:29:34 PM

Fake or real rudraksha ??? Help urgently plz

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hello , i recently purchased 4 mukhi , 5 mukhi and 6 mukhi rudraksha from ..... i went to their place they show me loose beads of these 4 , 5 and 6 mukhi... after buying when i came to my home and tested these by filling a glass of water and putting these one by one , none of the rudraksha floated in water , they all dissolved in water....

so i want to know if these rudraksha r genuine or fake ???
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Dear sachdeva

You can find many documents and online articles on tudraksha testing procedure. Rudraksha needs to be tested by the buyer to confirm that he has bought the right product.

The four, five, six mukhi beads are mostly not faked. It can be differing on color and quality. But mstly not faked

Please go through the testing documents articles from our blog pages to know more on this.

Om namah shivaya
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WE have posted a lot of documents discussing on the genuineness of the rudraksha beads.

Please read through the useful information as required from the following links.

If further information is needed then please get back to us

1. How to test rudraksha for genuineness.

2. Different methods of testing rudraksha.

3. An open talk and discussion on Genuine rudraksha.

4. Testing rudraksha by cutting rudraksha to test.
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The genuineness of 1 mukhi rudraksha is similar for round beads.

But for chandrakar beads of 1 mukhi beads please follow the following link to know more.

1. original 1 mukhi rudraksha.
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My suggestion on finding real rudraksha is that - Always buy from the renowned dealers.

It has been  seen that many people are faked while buying the beads from the general sellers or road side sellers.

Be aware that, you should wear only good quality beads for better results.