2 mukhi rudraksha Indian

Unity is bestowed. Helps in singles getting married. Sexual health is increased. Relationships attains a new step with this.
799.99 (INR)
Detailed description on importance, power and benefits

Importance of 2 mukhi rudraksha

2 mukhi rudraksha represents Lord Ardhanareeshwar (god and goddess united with each other). Frees the wearer from sin of cow slaughter. Wearer gets many benefits which we get from yanjnas. Gives good family life, good relationships with others. Brings unity in family, friends etc. Helps in to get married. Gives happiness, spiritual gain, for begetting children. Wearer's family finds faith, reverence among themselves. Removes differences in opinion. two face bead is representing both Shiva and Parvati as Unity and harmony. For any relationship this gives the perfection. Fear and emotional issues are removed immediately. Contentment and satisfaction is blessed.

Origin: Indian
Size: 15 mm - 18 mm
Mantra: OM NAMAH.

Diseases cured by 2 mukhi rudraksha

Memory loss, urinary bladder disease, lung and heart disease, left eye problem, leukemia, liver/breast problem. Controls heart of the body.

Who should wear 2 mukhi rudraksha

Singles facing difficulty in getting partner. Those having relation problems within family or in work field etc. Childless couple can wear for begetting children. Those needing peaceful relationship, need more friends/friendship, better family life.

Advantages of Wearing Two Mukhi Rudraksha

Symbolizes concordance and solidarity. Gives passionate dependability. Diminishes the malefic impact of planet Moon . Favors with sentiments of unity and solidarity seeing someone. Gives mending vitality to mind and feelings. Gives help in illnesses identified with kidney and digestive tract. Gauri shankar is a mukhi rudraksh which bring similar benefits.

Disease cure as mentioned

As mentioned for planet moon are just mentioned for reference from other book/website reference. only for reference mentioned here related to bead / maha yantra / puja items and god idols. Two varities are available, the one from nepal is a costly bead and that from indian origin is cheaper. Wear this rudraksha after worshipping or as per wearing rules. This is representing shiva shakti to whom we do pujas for health.

Astrological view

2 mukhi rudraksha removes malefic of Moon. Effect of Moon - kidney, intestine, left eye problem. lack of harmony in relationships.

Complete details

The bead is blessed by Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in their Ardhanareeshwar form. This form itself indicates a balance between the masculine and feminine principles in the universe. When we delve further into our scriptures it is clearly stated that masculine and feminine principles can exist in the same body. The bead aims to establish this truth from our texts. Finding the right relationships that are balancing the act of giving and receiving is a very big challenge. The bead is known to aid people striving to achieve balance with peace and harmony. Thus it is conducive to people who wish to find the right partner, enjoy peaceful family relationships, business partnerships and other relationships in education or working life. The 2 Mukhi Rudraksha further balances the material and spiritual aspects of human life.

A joined form of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in which the half body of the right hand side is that of Lord Shiva while the remaining half body on the left hand side is that of Goddess Parvati. This combined form is known as Ardh Nareeshwar and it symbolizes the unity of Shiva (Male energy) and Shakti (Female energy) which is responsible for the entire creation. A 2 Mukhi Rudraksha represents this affiliated form of Shiva and Shakti and hence, a person is blessed with good relations all around.

Its wearer’s family finds the reverence and faith continuously increasing among them. Removing the differences of opinions between the Teacher & the pupil, the father and the son, the husband and the wife, and friends, it establishes unity between them. 2 Mukhi effectively control the diseases of Left eye, kidney, intestine in physical level and in the spiritual level such as lack of harmony in relationship etc. Two faced Rudraksha has natural two lines or faces. It is oval in shape and is available in two varieties – Nepal and Haridwar (India).

It is always recommended to energize the bead before wearing it. The auspicious 2 mukhi Rudraksha bead is ruled by Planet Moon rules the bead and it is recommended to wear this auspicious bead is on the Monday. Before wearing this bead perform a small puja to energize it. In order to energize and do puja of the bead, wake up at dawn on a Monday morning, clean the place where the puja would be conducted. Bathe and wear clean clothes. Now sit facing the North West direction of your house. Take a copper vessel mix water and holy ‘Gangajal’ in it. Now place the bead in it and wash it gently. Now take 9 leaves of peepal tree, place them on a copper plate now place the two mukhi Rudraksha on the leaves. Now with the help of a fresh flower sprinkle plain water and gangajal mixture on the bead. Now apply some sandal wood paste on the bead, offer fresh flowers. Now light a diya besides the vessel in which the bead is kept. Light dhoop sticks and offer fumes to the bead. Now with a pure and focused mind chant the Mantra "AUM NAMAH" 108 times. Wear the bead. The two Mukhi Rudraksha may be worn in silk/wool thread or capped in silver or gold. You can wear this bead around your neck or wear it as a bracelet. The bead should touch your skin so that it activates and works upon the particular areas.