Types of Pearl

types of pearl

Types of Pearl-Source of Gemstone

Types of pearl

           It is said that there are eight sources of pearls. The sources means How th pearl can happen to exist and by what way. In our local belief it is well understood that pearl and Svati Nakshatra is rightly related. The rain that comes during svati Nakshatra is very much the reason for some of the precious and rarely available pearls. All the different way the pearls are made, the precious gem is actually delicate.

Megha Mukta - This is the pearl which is made from the clouds. This is formed from the clouds while raining and are said to be very rare. It is very rare pearl.

Sarpa Mani / Mukta - When the chosen king cobra takes water of the rain happening with Svati Nakshatra, the water becomes hard pearl. It is said that the pearl emits light in darkness. This is one of the most desirable pearl.

Bansha Mukta - When rain of svati Nakshatra falls in the hollow of the chosen bamboo tree, the water becomes pearl which is elliptic in shape and is having light green color. And it is really interesting to hear the different sound that this tree having the pearl makes. Very luck pearl to posses.

Shooaur Mukta - The shooaur or the hog/pig head contains the rare pearl which is very powerful and beneficial to the owner.

Gaj Mukta - It is formed on the temple of the chosen Airabhat Elephants. The gem are said to be perfectly spherical and are of the size of amla. It is very powerful and removes all obstacles of the owner.

Shankh Mukta - It is formed to a size of bigger amla and found inside the conch shell with oval shape. Said to be hard gemstone and brings wealth to the owner.

Meena Mukta - It is formed in the womb of the fish or meena and is very small size. Have disease curing capability.

Oyster Mukta - It is formed inside the oysters. It can have different color because of different reasons. These are the currently available pearls.

           These days pearl is precious and one who posses good quality pearl gets blessing of planet moon. Good fortune and peace comes to the owner of such pearl. One while wearing pearl should be careful about flaws of the gemstone and should be cautious while choosing.


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