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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Origin or Rudraksha           

Lord shiva given birth to rudraksha
origin of rudraksha

          Origin of rudraksha is said to be lord shiva. Lord shiva given birth to rudraksha for mandkind. Lord Shiva the legend underlying rudraksha. Rudraksha thought to the direct blessings of Lord Shiva. The word rudraksha is formed by a combination of two Sanskrit words, "Rudra" and "Aksha". The word "Rudra" stands for Lord Shiva and the word "Aksha" stands for the tears of Rudra (Shiva). We receive information about the rudraksha in number of "Granth" and "Shastras" (the holy books in Indian mythology). There are different stories about the origin rudraksha. You can find great and quality literature about the properties of rudraksha in the ancient Vedic the scriptures as, Maha Shiva Purana, AkshaMaalikaoapnashida, Srimad Bhagwata, Mantra Maharnava, Padam Purana and Jabbalaoapanishada etc. rudraksha is thought to have direct blessings of Shiva, which includes properties to remove the impact the sins of the wearer. It is said that if wearing rudraksha (in some form) on his body, even in the absence worship or energizing it, does not get near any sinful act or thought. And this happens only because of the direct blessings of Lord Shiva.


          Origin of rudraksha is for the mankind. People from all societies can be benefited from this rudraksha.


birth of rudraksha

By Himanshu Nayak

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