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Different colors of rudraksha

11 years ago
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Recently i had gone to rudraksha shop in bangalore and saw that there are different colors of the rudraksha beads are available. Why does the colors vary for the same beads ? Is it because of the different oil being applied on the beads ? e.g. if we put the beads in mustard oil then it becomes brown and if we put in olive oil then it becomes light brown or something similar.
11 years ago
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The color of the beads are dependent on

- The source from where it is acquired.
- How the beads are cleaned.
- How the beads are treated with oil.

the color of the beads are  majorly dependent on the region where the particular species of rudraksha tree grows.
11 years ago
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Many of the good rudraksha beads have one color ( few only).
But if u search and do some research, you will find that most of the auspicious and good beads have more than one color.

Some of the beads may have one color at the mouth region and another color in the body part.

As for example, you may get darker body color or lighter mouth color.

Some may even have lighter colors running thought out.

The beads with multicolors are seemed to have more power. It is seen with experience that these beads give better benefits.

Also for example - If u find gauri shankar with multi colors then it will have better calming effect on your family.
Also auspicious for the wearer.
11 years ago
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I find that the color of the Nepal beads change after we wear for some days.

I had seen it with my friends wearing - The color of the beads were very beautiful initially.

After few days of wearing, the sames beads were looking black and oily.
11 years ago
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The color of the beads also depend on the way of cleaning the beads.

When the bead is removed from the fruit, that time it is cleaned with different processes.

The same bead if not cleaned properly may look odd after wearing as there will be more deposits there which look black after constant wearing and oil deposits on it.

The same bead if cleaned with acid will show some acid white color which is like patches on it.

The bead can be naturally cleaned by proper process and can bring more deep wood color based on the percentage of cleanness.