Importance of rudraksha

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Importance Rudraksha           

Blessing from Shiva
importance of rudraksha


- Rudraksha may be used to reduce the hardships caused by malefic planets.

- Importance of rudraksha is now wide spread. It is worn for health, wealth and energy.
- Rudraksha can be used to strengthen the positive results that given by advantageous planets.
- Rudraksha may be used as a cure to "Vaastu Doshas".

- Importance of rudraksha makes it that much valuable that many people wear it now a days.
- Rudraksha can be carried or can be kept in the temple your home or workplace.
- Properly maintained rudraksha can walk up to the next generation.
- Rudraksha should kept clean and oiled.
- One should not clean the rudraksha of soap or chemicals. Never carry it while taking the bath to keep it away from soap and shampoo, as it can cause damage to the rudraksha and can reduce its life span.
- Rudraksha is a good medicine for hypertension (blood pressure).
- Rudraksha can be worn in any form it can be rosaries, single pearl or the combination of rudraksha.
- Rudraksha can hang on the front doors of the temple, home and work (in the form of gangs). In addition, it hangs in the corners of your office, board, meeting rooms will help you in a lot.
- To remove rudraksha from his body was while attending a funeral ceremonial.
- To remove rudraksha from his body while eating non-vegetarian foods while having alcoholics.
- Rudraksha will never give negative energy, so they not have the harmful effects of any kind on anyone.
- Rudraksha is an excellent tool to have protected from Devil effects (Bhoot-Pret Badha).
- Rudraksha is an excellent tool to obtain protection against diseases, casualties and premature deaths.
- Rudraksha is a high power one should have to get fame, name, happiness, infinite wealth, property and the respect in society.

- Importance of rudraksha is felt immediately after wearing the bead.
- All the world should use the rudraksha on his body to increase the love, affection, faith, brotherhood and solidarity among each other.

power of rudraksha

By Himanshu Nayak

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