Food Precaution for People with taurus lagna or Vrishabha Lagna in birth chart & Rudraksha for those people. For keeping them healthy
People Born on 9, 18, 27th date or having date of birth on 9h 18th or 27th date are influenced by Mars Maha Graha or planet.
What is Astrology or Vedic Astrology ? These are oldest subjects and are much more well known from the old days. Historically the science has evolved.
Gemstone are the rare stones available from nature. Diseases are cured with these Rare stone. These gemstones are related with the planets in astrology.
Ketu dasha has Remedy by using Rudraksha. Ketu Mahadasha Remedies are suggested properly in our holy books. Shiva puja or worship is an alternate remedy.
Kuja dosha or Mangala Dosha has various Remedy or Nivaran that are described in our ancient text. There are remedies by using rudraksha also.