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Saturday, August 20, 2011

ketu maha dasha


Ketu Maha Dasha

          Ketu maha dasha exists for seven years. That means if one's Jataka is running with ketu maha dasha then this period will continue for 7 continuous years. And during this ketu maha dasha there comes the Antar Dashas. All antardashas during this time are not in good result for the jataka karaka. It is found from our long experiences that all those antardashas that come during ketu mahadasha are like bad times for the karaka of the jataka.

          All the remedies that is planned or executed for the bad times like this are seemed to be not that much effective. Getting out of the problems by doing remedial measures are found to be not that much effective to remove the bad times for the karaka. It is difficult to bring proper remedial mesures to counter the effect of the bad times that comes in this dasha.


Effect of Ketu Maha Dasha

          During this time of Ketu Maha Dasha, the karaka feels uneasy with the close & near people. He feels distances with his close friends and relatives. There comes quarrel or quarrel like situations around the karaka. Non - Peaceful situations or sorroundings are felt. There comes bad time for health. Health is deterioted. Feeling of health uneasiness continues. And also many different types of obstacles are seen and felt. During this time there is health deteriotion and also there can be badtime deaths within close circle.


Remedy for Ketu Maha Dasha

  • Always practice shiva sahashra Nama. It is very essential to daily repeat the shiva sahashra nama.
  • Do Rudra Abshishek. Rudra Abshishek can be done as per the convenince of the karaka.
  • Always do Japam for Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantra.


Rudraksha Remedy with Rudraksha

Remedy by Rudraksha use

          Rudraksha can be used for the remedy of Ketu Maha dasha. Rudraksha is a direct blessing from the lord shiva himself. While doing Remedies, Using rudraksha is seen to be very effective and benefitial. Please wear Rudraksha for Ketu Dosha. 9 mukhi Rudraksha is for Ketu. This will keep the karaka in good mental health. Along with this if 6 mukhi rudraksha is worn then the karaka is protected form bad health issues.



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1/18/2012 8:39 PM
Kala sarpa dosha nivaran is effective with rudraksha

I had ordered one kala sarpa dosha rudraksha. And i feel it works unbelievably good. it is surely recommended for such people who have this dosham in their jatakam.