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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Food precaution and rudraksha for vrishabha lagna people

Rudraksha for those people who are with Taurus lagna

Vrishabha lagna food preatuion & Rudraksha

TaurusTaurus Lagna & Food Precaution ( their food habit & practice )

Food Precaution for People with Taurus lagna or Vrishabha Lagna in birth chart, we will study their food habit or practice first. Then we will study Rudraksha for those people. For keeping them healthy they should know what they are interested in the type of food.

These type of people are interested in eating delicious food. They like to tast the tasty food regularly. They automatically attracted and like only the best food. But these people are not that much interested in physical work. They like to be lazy. These people are able to perform above their capability physical work whenever required. But they like to stay lazy and keep them idle. They also seem to like working while sitting or have a tendency to work inside home only.

Diseases & Food problem for Taurus Lagna / Vrishabha lagna

Because of their steady work style, they do not seem to be in a position to digest the delicious and tasty food that they like. These people get affected by throat related diseases, heart related and stomach related disturbances. For all these they ( people with taurus lagna ) should not eat delicious, masala food regularly. They should practice to intake food which are easily digestable.

Important precautions for keeping healthy

They need to practice taking lemon water regularly. Also fresh fruits can be taken for easy digestion and food precaution. Also the fresh vegetables. They need to practice eating less fish, egg and meat. They need regular yoga & meditation. These people are seen keeping their body fit and healthy with Yoga. Daily go for morning work and that is necessary for health of these people. With all these they can keep them happy and healthy.

wear 7 mukhi

Rudraksha for Taurus lagna / Vrishabha lagna people

They can wear 7 mukhi rudraksha & 4 mukhii rudraksha. 1 mukhi rudraksha can also be worn but should be recommended for such before wearing.

By Himanshu Nayak

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