Caution rudraksha wearing

Thursday, July 7, 2011
caution to be taken while wearing rudraksha

Caution to be taken while wearing Rudraksha

Preserve the divine power of the bead


          Caution should be taken to preserve the power of rudraksha. Rudraksha has divine power which needs special care for lasting effect. The secret power of rudraksha is enhanced when we give respect and caution while wearing rudraksha. Caution rudraksha wearing is must. If caution is not kept while wearing rudraksha, then after few days the wearer feels as if the rudraksha does not have any power. Read the following list of "caution rudraksha wearing" which gives comprehensive list of don'ts with rudraksha beads.

List of "Caution Rudraksha wearing"

  1.       Never use a rudraksha beads that have not been purified and energized by a ritual called Pran prathista.
  2.       One should not wear rudraksha while sleeping.
  3.       While the sex you should not wear rudraksha.
  4.       While attending funerals, should a person do not wear rudraksha.
  5.       A person should never use a rudraksha Mala already been in chanting mantras.
  6.       During the singing mantras, one should not let her / his index finger tubes rudraksha beads.
  7.       You should not share his / her rudraksha beads with each other.
  8.       Family members should not hold the exchange Neck ground, Japa malas and rudraksha beads. 
  9.       The bond created between a carrier and rudraksha is very private and therefore, the wearer must not share his / her rudraksha with a third party. But it may be desired and on to the next generation. 


By Himanshu Nayak

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