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The Power of Rudraksha

2 months ago
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Hari Om!

Have been examining rudraksha for quite a while and wearing dabs of various muktis with extraordinary advantage as a major aspect of my devotion to Lord Siva.

Does anybody have any encounters with them that they'd get a kick out of the chance to share? Any other person wears them or utilizes mala of such? I'd truly be occupied with hearing such.

Recorded beneath from my exploration is a rundown of dabs from 1 to 14 mukti with the regarded god spoke to. I have confirmed this with a few sources, yet a few locales shift somewhat. If you don't mind don't hesitate to submit adjustments or augmentations as they apply.

1-Lord Shankar




5-Rudra Kalagni






11-All Rudras




Beads proceed past 14 mukti yet are rarer and obviously more costly.

Om Namah Sivaya!
2 months ago
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One unique aspect of the Rudraksha mala is that in the early days, when many sages used to constantly wander all over the country, the Rudraksha mala used to act as a positive energy source, wherein the Sages used to feel at ease in all the places they visited, unlike normal human beings, who take time to get accustomed to newer surroundings.
2 months ago
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What types of power we get from Rudraksha............ anyone, please explain it............. I want to know more about it. Thanks