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The Power of Rudraksha

4 years ago
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Hari Om!

Have been examining rudraksha for quite a while and wearing dabs of various muktis with extraordinary advantage as a major aspect of my devotion to Lord Siva.

Does anybody have any encounters with them that they'd get a kick out of the chance to share? Any other person wears them or utilizes mala of such? I'd truly be occupied with hearing such.

Recorded beneath from my exploration is a rundown of dabs from 1 to 14 mukti with the regarded god spoke to. I have confirmed this with a few sources, yet a few locales shift somewhat. If you don't mind don't hesitate to submit adjustments or augmentations as they apply.

1-Lord Shankar




5-Rudra Kalagni






11-All Rudras




Beads proceed past 14 mukti yet are rarer and obviously more costly.

Om Namah Sivaya!
4 years ago
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One unique aspect of the Rudraksha mala is that in the early days, when many sages used to constantly wander all over the country, the Rudraksha mala used to act as a positive energy source, wherein the Sages used to feel at ease in all the places they visited, unlike normal human beings, who take time to get accustomed to newer surroundings.

4 years ago
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What types of power we get from Rudraksha............ anyone, please explain it............. I want to know more about it. Thanks
4 years ago
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I came to know that rudraksha is used for many of the tantra practices also.
4 years ago
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Intensity of Rudraksha : Our antiquated sacred texts notice that sound, move, discourse are various types of nature through which our reality has showed cruel structure. Master shiva speaks to a power or shakti which joins all these three vitality forms.Tear drops from the eyes of Lord shiva the best ruler of Hindu pantheon fell on Earth and after that the Rudraksha tree was brought into the world proving to be fruitful which favored humanity until the end of time. It is the combination of His tears and Prakriti (Shakti/Nature) that made enchantment and puzzling charm. The Rudraksha tree bore multi-faceted foods grown from the ground Gods and Goddesses offered their favors to every aspect and give the wearer with incredible forces. According to Shreemad Devi Bhagvatam Ch. 4 section 24-26, "Commitment to Rudraksha does not come without reason and you get Rudraksha just on the off chance that it is in your fate or favorable luck. After a few births and that also by getting gift of Lord Shiva, an individual gets want to wear Rudraksha. This craving originates from inside naturally.Industrialists have been profited by wearing a 14 mukhi Rudraksha which improves the instinctive power and basic leadership. 12 mukhi speaking to the Sun is helpful for senior officials and specialists for name/notoriety and regulatory development.

For effective achievers and aspiring individuals who need to achieve the top dimension, wearing all mukhi Rudraksha is viewed as promising by the extraordinary stories. Siddha Mala has Rudraksha dabs from 1 to 14 mukhi, Gaurishankar and Ganesh, speaking to all planets and all Devi/Devtas.
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Rudraksha is a characteristic seed, found inside the energetic blue product of the evergreen Elaeocarpus ganitrus, it is indigenous to the Himalayas crosswise over India and Nepal. It additionally thrives in different regions of Southeast Asia, where the volcanic soil is helpful for its development.


Rudraksha change the karma of the wearer, driving an individual normally to the correct way of truth and reason, making the pace along the way snappier and advance simpler.

They are powerful in controlling pressure, in this way help in killing stresses and gift the wearer with more prominent true serenity. In more than 6,500 years of archived use, Rudraksha have been appeared to create no negative symptoms.

Rudraksha bring clearness, hone the brain, and increment the intensity of Intuition.

They make ground-breaking "insurance hovers" from cynicism and expel snags along the way to your prosperity.

Rudraksha accuse the spirit of shakti (profound power), expanding the spirit's own brilliance and its capacity to all the more completely express its perfect power and knowledge in the material world.

They make a progressively private association with the positive powers in nature and the universe, help to recuperate the fundamental energies and bring them into agreeable equalization.

Rudraksha are deductively demonstrated to have numerous medical advantages
4 years ago
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Rudraksha dots might be hung together as a mala and used to check the reiteration of a mantra or petition, like the utilization of rosaries in Christianity. Most wreaths contain 108 dots in addition to one, as 108 is viewed as holy and an appropriate number of times to present a short mantra.Rudraksha seeds show pharmacological properties that incorporate calming, pain relieving, narcotic, energizer, hostile to asthmatic, hypoglycemic, antihypertensive, smooth muscle relaxant, hydrocholeretic, antiulcerogenic, and anticonvulsant.

In Ayurveda, the dab, bark, and leaves of the rudraksha tree, which have antibacterial impacts, are utilized for treating different illnesses, for example, mental clutters, cerebral pains, fever, skin sicknesses, and so forth. They are additionally utilized for treating hack, breathing issues, controlling epilepsy, liver-related issues, jaundice, stomach hurts, hypertension, and treating consumes, just as improving memory control, controlling cerebrum fever, and blood cleansing. The tissue or mash of the drupe is managed for epilepsy, sicknesses of the head, and in mental illness.The term Rudraksha is utilized both for the berries themselves and in reference to the kind of mala produced using them.There is a long custom of wearing rudraksha dabs