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Should I wear rudraksha during nature call ?

10 years ago
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   I recently ordered rudraksha beads mala for wearing. I am supposed to get my order courier shortly. During these days i have been in different confusion. Whether the rudraksha beads needs to be worn during nature call that is when we are going to toilet ? Should I keep it wearing or should i remove it ?
   I understood that it should be removed always while going to toilet. And also it should be worshiped every day before wearing. If we are wearing while going to toilet then we should again do puja for it to wear ?

10 years ago
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There are few rules which if followed gives better results. The rules are very few and please read from the link . Rudraksha wearing rules

   There are also many discussions related to Rudraksha wearing rules on our web forum. You can go through them if required or if u have more doubts.

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   By defining rules we should not scare people. And actually in spiritualism we make rules to make people fearful. Rules are made by the wearer. How the wearer has understanding that way he can wear. For example If one feel it is not good to eat Non-Veg food then it is the person’s rule. Other people eat it and still are spiritual.
10 years ago
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There are few rules which if followed then better.

Without any rules, rudraksha can be worn.

And you can remove rudraksha before going to toilet and again wear after doing puja.

It is better keep the sanctity of the rudraksha beads as much possible.

The main point of observing the rules is, your mind should be clean, so better if u choose some rules then those needs to be followed.