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Rules for Wearing Rudraksha - What all rules and precautions before wearing rudraksha

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Recently i bought rudraksha mala from the online shop. I felt better after getting the beads. I had got to know on the precautions. I am really curious to know all precautions of wearing rudraksha. As this is my first time wearing, i would request to give me all information or link where i can find all the rudraksha rules.
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Proper pooja and rituals before wearing the beads are an added advantage.

Please refer /boards/topic/25/rudraksha-mantra-mantra-chanting-for-rudraksha-beads for more information on the mantra.
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Rudraksha has positive energy and helps to each individual who wears it.

There are times when someone feels that the rudraksha beads now does not work ( may be after few weeks of wearing ).

The feelings are directly related to the power that exists with the bead.

The power of the beads are flowed to the wearer which works positively.

The wearer may feel that there is not that much high energy left with the rudraksha beads he is wearing, to make him feel it.

And to keep the beads full of energy, we must follow few rules and precaution to protect the energy.

We use rudraksha mantra or shiva panchakhari mantra to make the energy more energetic and powerful.
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I understand that we need to clean the rudraksha and also keep it clean. Always clean with soft bristles. If you see the thread becoming dirty, then change it. Keep the sanctity of the beads as best possible.
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There is no hard and fast rule to be observed before wearing rudraksha mala. It is to be remembered that " As much sanity we keep for the Rudraksha mala/  rosary, that much it works good".

In another way " If we do not take any proper precaution that means the sanity is lowered and it affects the power of the bead again the wearer".

so wearer should make own judgement on what he feels good to keep sanity. As per his understanding and beliefs he can make his rule and follow them.