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Rudraksha and non - vegetarian food. Wearing rudraksha while eating non - veg food

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Mostly all of the rudraksha related documents which are written online say that rudraksha should not be worn while taking non vegetarian food or while taking Alcohol.

   While i really admire the Alcohol taking and Rudraksha wearing. But how about this Non - Vegetarian food and rudraksha relation. Does rudraksha has any negative effect if we wear rudraksha mala while eating non - vegetarian food ?

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Explaining the perfect answer to this question is difficult. As usual way of recommendation for spiritual and Devotional products we always say " Stay clean and away from all wrong things ". And the same precaution for Non-Vegetarian food and Alcoholic products.

In our country, with Hindu society, it is believed that "Alcohol and Non-Vegetarian food" both does not keep the sanity. So as to say that we should have satwik thoughts while observing any type of Spiritual / Devotional work / Action.

And for Rudraksha, we have seen that - It works wonderfully good for people who never take Non - Vegetarian food. And it works normally for others.
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As per the experience that we have got - We seen that The rudraksha works instantly and properly for the people who are having satwik thoughts or those who take thing positive and are also Vegetarian. It works within one day and the wearer generally gives very good explanation on his experience with rudraksha beads.

For those who take non - vegetarian food , It is seen that the rudraksha beads effect feeling for the wearer is longer in comparision, and generally they feel only the effect after few days of wearing only.
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Rudraksha should never be worn while taking non - vegetarian food.

Why ?

      While taking non - vegetarian food, we have bad energy flowing through our body. And this affect our thought and approach. It too make the body weight. And the rudraksha being worn during this time losses it's accumulated power faster.

After continuous taking of Non - Vegetarian food while wearing rudraksha makes the rudraksha mala to have least power. And the wearer may feel that the mala does not work as was while wearing initially.

Again, it can be energized daily by chanting "Om namah Shivaya". Daily we can make a practice of chanting this mantra to keep the mala energetic and powerful enough.
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Rudraksha is hindu religious and most powerful beads is also used to balance the chakras and many types of diseases .Rudraksha is postive beads, wearer should not to eat non veg food  during the time of wearing rudraksha . Rudraksha is tears of lord shiva. [url=]/Rudraksha-beads[/url] is  availabe 1 mukhi to 21 mukhi from nepal
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If all of us here are so particular about not eating Non-veg while wearing Rudraksha,, how come Aghoris who also rely on Human flesh wear it all the time?
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U can always eat non - vegetarian food while wearing rudraksha.
There are no issues
Rudraksha does not give bad effect.
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As per my understanding on these things, there should be no effect based on the food type. The food type can be veg or can be non-veg. But at the end that is just food. and based on food there won't be any effect on the rudraksha mala that is worn. But i really doubt that the thoughts of the person should be affecting the power of the rudraksha mala worn. As if person is in wrong or bad thought regularly, then there should be less power with the mala he is owning. May be there are more negative thoughts because of non - veg food eating. But that does not mean all eating non - veg will have bad or negative thoughts.
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Rudraksha being the bead of supermesoul, it should not be considered with nov veg food as it is associated with harming